Co-author & Foreword Writer Biographies

Amy Newmark, Publisher and Co-author
Jack Canfield, Co-author and Founder
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author and Founder
Max Adler, Co-author
Dr. Milton Boniuk, Co-author
Dr. Jeff Brown, Co-author
Nancy Burrows, Co-author
Madeline Clapps, Co-author
Claire Cook, Co-author
Cathy Elliott, Co-author
Patricia Cena Evans, Co-author
Jo-Ann Geffen, Co-author
Patty Hansen, Co-author
Kent Healy, Co-author
Susan M. Heim, Co-author
Valerie Howlett, Co-author
Bruce Jenner, Foreword Writer
Dean Karnazes, Co-author
Dr. Suzanne Koven, Co-author
Miranda Lambert, Foreword Writer
Dr. Rebecca Landa, Co-author
Barbara LoMonaco, Co-author
Joan Lunden, Co-author
Mary Beth Mardsen, Co-author
Janet Matthews, Co-author
Dr. Marie Pasinski, Co-author
Steve Posner, Co-author
Jennifer Quasha, Co-author
Carol McAdoo Rehme, Co-author
A. Larry Ross, Foreword Writer
Dr. Julie Silver, Co-author
Kevin Sorbo, Co-author
David Tabatsky, Co-author
Karen Talcott, Co-author
LeAnn Thieman, Co-author
Wendy Walker, Co-author
Pat Williams, Co-author
Lee Woodruff, Foreword Writer