Humpty Dumpty Institute

The Humpty Dumpty Institute is a non-profit organization that works on global and domestic issues, usually through innovative partnerships. Humpty Dumpty’s programs focus on removing landmines and unexploded bombs, increasing food production for the hungry, delivering health care efficiently to the sick and impoverished, bringing a global perspective to literacy and education (especially for women and girls), improving conservation efforts for animals and people and expanding public and cultural diplomacy.

Working with the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Humpty Dumpty has saved the lives of people and animals by clearing landmines and unexploded bombs in Angola, Armenia, Laos, Lebanon, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar. At the same time, it has fought hunger by increasing farmers’ access to markets and modernizing agricultural techniques. Humpty Dumpty’s healthcare initiatives include a partnership with the Sitagu Buddhist Association in Myanmar to improve emergency medical services for victims of landmine accidents and a project in Sri Lanka that expanded milk production as part of a project that provided post-tsunami health care assistance to 10,000 children and mothers.

Humpty Dumpty works closely with the United Nations on many of its projects, both in the United States and abroad. Since 1998, Humpty Dumpty has organized over 500 visits to the United Nations by sitting members of Congress and the Senate for off-the-record meetings with the U.N.’s Secretary-General and his senior deputies. Humpty Dumpty’s Higher Education Alliance has connected the United Nations to colleges and universities by organizing student programs at the U.N. and by sending U.N. officials, ambassadors and policymakers to campuses as guest lecturers. With the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Humpty Dumpty provides over 300,000 students at historically black colleges and universities with education on international affairs that they would not otherwise receive.

Humpty Dumpty also works with the United Nations to engage the film and television industries in global issues. Humpty Dumpty created the Global Creative Forum to bring together high-ranking UN officials, including the Secretary-General, and entertainment industry artists and decision makers to promote understanding in the creative community of global issues and the UN’s work. This dialog has led to the creation of the Creative Community Outreach Initiative, the UN’s first official entertainment industry outreach program and a program at the Burkle Center at UCLA, which provides ongoing support for these efforts. The Global Creative Forum’s work has led to accurate coverage of topics like malaria, child soldiers and human trafficking in major motion pictures and national television series.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute’s founders had first-hand experience with peacekeeping and humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most impoverished and devastated regions. They felt that, in some ways, the world was broken or shattered. All of the Humpty Dumpty Institute’s programs are directed toward its goal of helping all the king’s men—governments and international organizations—put the pieces back together again.

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