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Miracles happen every day! And these 101 true stories of divine intervention, answered prayers, and extraordinary connections prove that miracles can happen to anyone at any time. You will be awed and uplifted by these personal stories of faith, prayer, and healing that show a higher power at work in our lives.

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Five ways to find the miracles in your life

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark

Miracles happen every day — you just have to look around you to see them and be open to accepting them. The 101 powerful stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen prove that miracles happen, every day, to people from all walks of life. Here are five ways to help you find the miracles in your life.

1. Prayer can get you out of a tight spot. After more than sixteen hours trapped in a cave, Logan Eliasen had practically given up hope. Rescue teams had worked for hours trying to free him with little success. "Then I realized something," Logan writes. "My strength was entirely gone, but God’s was not." Alone in the cave as rescue workers changed shifts, Logan prayed. That’s when he felt himself being moved and freed from the stone. "When the rescuers returned to the passage," Logan writes, “they were astonished to see me sitting on the edge of the crevice." Logan had experienced an amazing turn of events after he prayed!

2. Never lose hope. When Nandi Stewart lost her mother’s ring while visiting family in New Jersey, she was heartbroken. Then she lost her mother not long after that. "Now I really noticed the space on my finger where her ring had been," Nandi writes. Two and half years later, still mourning and holding onto her mother’s ashes, Nandi miraculously found the ring at her home in Jamaica. "My head was reeling, my thoughts jumbled, I had lost it two and a half years ago and 1,500 miles away," she writes. "But here it was — my mother’s ring, the familiar circle glistening and gleaming in my hand." After that, Nandi and her family could finally spread her mother’s ashes.

3. Pay attention to your dreams. A disturbing dream of a fiery staircase woke Marya Morin one morning. She and a group of friends had been planning to go to a club that night to celebrate one of their birthdays. Marya knew something bad was going to happen there, so she convinced her friends to go to a different club. It saved their lives — the club in their original plan had its staircase firebombed and several people died. Marya says she thanked God "for the divine intervention that spared my life and the lives of my friends that horrible night."

4. We all have a guardian angel. Even after Kacey Morabito-Grean’s father died, he still seemed to be looking after her. Kacey, who got engaged shortly before her dad died, struggled with the fact he wouldn’t be at her wedding. She cried daily. "I needed to hear from my father," she writes. When her coworker was selling raffle tickets, Kacey thought of her father and asked for a sign: "If I am supposed to marry this summer I want you to pay for it." When Kacey’s raffle ticket number was the same as her father’s old house number, she knew she would win the grand prize of $10,000. And she did. "I jumped up… ‘Dad wants me to get married!’" Kacey writes. "I was laughing and crying and calling every relative and friend to tell them the good news."

5. Stay open to the miraculous. Gloria Jean Hansen almost didn’t go to her group’s bluegrass jam session one Wednesday night, but her friend Isabelle — an elderly blind woman — relied on her to get there. So Gloria went, picking up Isabelle on the way, and was glad she did. A stranger wandered in and joined them with her guitar. The stranger, Violet, was in town for a conference to speak about her life as a former drug addict. Violet soon recognized Isabelle — she was Violet’s mother! The two had drifted apart because of Violet’s drug addiction. Now they miraculously reconnected. "The two fell into each other’s arms, sobbing openly," Gloria writes. "We were witnesses to a miraculous reunion...To this day, I think angels had something to do with it."

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