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Hockey fans and hockey families will love the 101 exciting and inspiring stories in this collection about playing, living, and loving hockey! This collection of stories from everyday hockey players and fans, as well as revealing personal stories from NHLers and hockey insiders will delight anyone who enjoys hockey, whether it's in the backyard, in school, or at the professional level.

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Five Life Lessons We Learn From Playing Hockey

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Laura Robinson.

Hockey players gain much more than the ability to skate, shoot and score. The 101 stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey show that hockey, like many sports, teaches valuable life lessons that stick with players through the rest of their lives. Here are five of the innumerable life lessons we learn from hockey.

1. Work as a team — Mark Ettlinger had little knowledge about hockey when he agreed to coach his son’s team. But, as an outsider, he was able to see the one thing that was holding his team back: they wouldn’t pass the puck. The "star" players on the team kept the puck to themselves and left out the other players. "Pass the puck!" became Mark’s mantra, and little by little he was able to get through to the "stars." Mark writes, "Gradually my teams saw that passing was indeed the key and that the more they passed, the more they scored, and perhaps even better, the more they looked like real hockey players."

2. Share across the generations — Though hockey forges a strong relationship between teammates, all hockey fans share a strong connection. Dennis McCloskey witnessed this firsthand when he introduced his 93-year-old father-in-law, Bob, to her neighbor, Scott, 75 years Bob’s junior. "Their lives could not have been more different but they had more in common than you might think, and it was a love of sport — particularly hockey — that was the fabric that wove their separate lives together," Dennis says. Bob’s Alzheimer’s kept him from going to the young hockey player’s games, but it didn’t keep him from supporting young Scott to chase his hockey dream. Scott has now been drafted into the National Hockey League.

3. Never compromise your dreams — Georges Laraque struggled through racial slurs from teammates and an unsupportive father while chasing his dream of getting into the NHL. Georges writes, "I told them that if I quit, it would only prove that those ignorant people were right. I had to persevere, to achieve my dream. I swore that I would prove all the people who verbally and otherwise abused me wrong when I made it in the NHL." Georges’ hard work and strong convictions paid off and he became a celebrated enforcer in the NHL.

4. Don’t forget the joy of teaching others — After Hayley Wickenheiser enjoyed an Olympic career with the Canadian Women’s National Team, she decided to challenge herself even further by playing men’s professional hockey in Finland. She became close with the family that owned the hockey rink, especially their 6-year-old daughter, Matilda. Though the girl spoke no English, Hayley became mentor to Matilda and now Matilda is one of the best female hockey players in Finland. "You just never know who you are going to impact in your life, whose paths you’re going to cross … and I am so happy that all those years ago, a little blond rink-rat skated across mine," Hayley says.

5. Put family first — Matt Duchene always knew he wanted to play in the NHL. As a child he lived and breathed hockey, and eventually was drafted to his favorite team! "When I look back over my childhood and my career, I owe so much to my family, to all of the ones who loved and supported me from the little guy with a dream to the NHL player who gets to live that dream," Matt says. "But I owe the most to my parents, Chris and Vince Duchene—I truly would not be where I am, doing what I love, were it not for them and everything they did for me."

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