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Any woman of faith will find solace and strength in these 101 unique devotionals — consisting of a scripture reading, a Chicken Soup for the Soul story, and a custom-written prayer by women of faith — as they go through the ups and downs of daily life and marriage. This collection will affirm God's unconditional love and His wisdom. With stories that cover everything from everyday trials to tests of faith, this collection will inspire, uplift, and counsel any woman of faith who needs a boost or reminder of God's ever-present love.

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Five ways to strengthen a Christian marriage

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives by Susan M. Heim and Karen C. Talcott

Marriage is not a simple relationship – it requires compromise from both husband and wife. The women in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives share the ups and downs of their marriages and what they have learned. These wives figured out how to overcome hurdles in their marriages with the help of God as their third partner. Here are five pieces of advice, centered on personal stories, for keeping a marriage strong.

1. Honor your commitment. Jeneil Palmer Russell learned a lesson in faithfulness when her husband, who had just served a yearlong deployment, was returning to Fort Stewart, Georgia. They originally had decided that she and their kids would not meet him because they couldn’t be certain when he would arrive, and flying would be expensive. However, as the day grew closer, she realized she had to be there. Jeneil called her family, made arrangements for the kids and booked a last-minute flight. She knew she’d made the right decision when she saw her husband get off the bus, looking a little dejected that his family wasn’t there. "The look on his face when he saw me…," she wrote, "well, then I knew it had all been worth it. All of it."

2. Pray together. Katie Cromwell Johnson, nine months pregnant, woke up on Labor Day and, ironically, went into labor. She and her husband were off on the newest and most exciting adventure of their lives. The doctors, concerned for the baby’s dropping heart rate, decided to perform a C-section. Katie knew her husband was really worried when she saw him cry for the first time. She suggested they pray together, saying a simple prayer that God would protect them and their unborn son. Although the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck, their son was delivered safely. God had seen them through, and their fears turned to joy. "Now, not a night goes by that we don’t pray together as a family, taking turns," Katie says.

3. Communication is key. Busy mom Debra Ayers Brown learned a lesson in communication one day as she multitasked while listening to her daughter, Meredith, chat and later check e-mail while her husband talked about his day. Later that evening, Debra asked her daughter a question, but Meredith, focused on her laptop screen, didn’t reply. Her husband remarked that Meredith was acting just like her mother, never listening. Hurt, Debra snapped at her husband. They decided to discuss it later, but never did. Days later, they happened to watch a motivational show on TV and the topic turned toward communication. It resonated with Debra, and she turned toward her husband, confessing that she did not listen as well as she could. "My confession opened the floodgates. We said what was on our minds without distractions. No need for ‘What’d I say? That night as I said my prayers, I threw in, ‘Thanks for listening,’" Debra recalls.

4. Recapture the magic. For their 10-year anniversary, Becky Kopitzke’s husband surprised her with their old wedding video. She had thought it was lost forever, but her husband and four-year-old daughter had searched the house until they found it. They watched the video together, until Becky saw her daughter crying! But they were happy tears. She had never seen her parents like that, so in love. That’s when Becky realized she needed to keep dating her husband. They had made excuses for neglecting their marriage while raising their small children, but it was important for them to have a solid foundation. "When I witnessed our daughter’s unfiltered reaction to a video of her parents giddy in love, I caught a glimpse of my marriage through her eyes," Becky says. "And I finally understood. Date night isn’t just for my husband and me. Our children need it as much as we do."

5. Face challenges together. Although Kim Harms never considered hiking her thing, she had married an adventurous man and he had finally asked her to go along on a trip. She complained a lot, struggling with her attitude through all the rain and mud. However after a rainy first night, they woke up to sunshine. "God reminded me that love as He commands it is not just a warm fuzzy feeling, but a choice followed by action," Kim writes. That helped change her attitude. She realized she enjoyed walking with her husband, and felt a sense of accomplishment when they reached the peak. "Not only did I discover that I enjoy backpacking," Kim says, "but my decision to love Corey by taking part in his passion actually drew us closer together as a couple."

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