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2 Boys + 1 Girl = 1 Crazy Mom

Melanie is a hard-working mother of three that loves recipes, reviewing amazing products and crafty DIY products.

A Day in Our Shoes

The main focus of content on A Day in Our Shoes is on Special Education and Special Education Advocacy, and other related services for kids.

A Lucky Ladybug

As a stay at home mother of three, Randi is always coming up with new ways to be green, savvy and save money, and loves sharing tips with her readers.

A Momless Mom

Are you part of a busy family? Vinma Joseph covers parenting and lifestyle in her blog. Check out her awesome product reviews and giveaways!

Adventures in Coupons

Adventures in Coupons brings you the hottest deals, coupons, freebies and sweeps each and every day to help readers save!

Adventures in Abbyland

Adventures in Abbyland is where Robyn shares stories, updates and pictures as a first-time parent. You'll also find her thoughts and opinions about current events, in addition to product reviews and giveaways.

Adventures of Mommyhood

Blogger, wife and mostly-stay-at-home mama, Amanda, loves adventures, and doesn't see any good reason why adventure should stop after having kids! That's why they make kids gear, right?

Ahh~Mazing Reviews

This is the blog of four moms who all share their honest opinions. They provide readers with honest reviews of all kinds of products, and giveaways.

Ashley Suzanne

Ashley Suzanne, "The Baby Whisperer," is a Christian reviewer, baker, yard sale junkie and DIYer!

Autism Blogs Directory

This blog was created to be a supportive, protective community for those impacted by autism and disabilities.

Because My Momma Says So

Writer and professional blogger, Amanda, is a mother of 2 great kids, wife and volunteer. She is owned by one 10 lb. dog!

Being Frugal and Making it Work

Bridge shares freebies, frugal Deals, tips & ideas, product reviews and giveaways, while sharing her SAHM stories of living in Idaho.

Book Bargains and Previews

Patti Chadwick shares book reviews on a variety of genres on Book Bargains and Previews.

Busy Being Jennifer

Busy Being Jennifer is all about finding your place in the world, discovering who you are and making the most of the talents God gives you.

Cake Mom

Cake Mom is a family-friendly product review and giveaway blog. In addition, there are plenty of recipes and, of course, cakes!

Cassandra M's Place

Product reviews and giveaways for any and everything family-friendly and new.

Centsable Coupon Lady

Blogger Dannie first started CentsableCouponLady to help others learn how to save money by using coupons, and now offers reviews/giveaways, recipes, crafts, tips and any other fun thing they can find.

Clair's Freebies

Calir's Freebies shares freebies, coupons, deals, giveaways and other ways to help readers save money!

Connected 2 Christ

Reviews, giveaways, crafts, homeschooling and a look into the lives of a Christ-centered family of four.

Coupon Gator Mommy

Allie loves being in the kitchen and creating new recipes, as well as trying family-friendly products and reviewing them on her blog!

Coupons in Motion

Visit Debbie's blog for reviews & giveaways, coupons, and great freebies!

Crazed Mind

Crazed Mind offers readers book reviews, product giveaways and weight loss tips.

Create With Joy

Create With Joy is an inspirational blog that celebrates creativity in all its facets! Ramona shares art and crafts to enrich you; mouth-watering recipes to entice you; books and resources to engage you and so much more!

Dad of Divas

One Dad's quest to regain his kingdom one day at a time! Features contest and giveaways, fatherhood stories, college prep and travel advice!

Day by Day in Our World

Day By Day in Our World is a blog that follows one Catholic homeschool family's journey through life. You'll find great giveaways and product reviews along with fun stories about life as a mom!

Deals From Ms. Do

Dolores Brister loves a good deal and she's here to bring them to you! Check out her blog for great deals, coupons and freebies.


Blogger Deb has 3 children and 11 grandchildren so she is always on the go and looking for new products to review!

Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

Diaries of a Domestic Goddess does reviews and giveaways for a wide variety of products and also shares recipes, gift ideas and traveling tips!

Donna's Deals and More

Donna writes about small town Midwest life, along with beauty, recipes, travel, books, movies and giveaways

Drugstore Divas

Drugstore Divas is all about saving money on shampoo, so you can spend it on champagne! You'll find fun reviews and coupons for a wide variety of products.

Eccentric Eclectic Woman

Crystal is a LDS stay at home mom blogging from Oregon about cooking, homeschooling and product reviews.

Eclectic Wisdom

Roxanna Jolly, "The Jolly Blogger" is all about sharing news and reviews about the latest products and trends.

Extreme Savings with Diva Desirae

Extreme Couponer Desirae brings you the hottest deals, match-ups, freebies, shopping trips & much more!

Finger Click Saver

Finger Click Saver aims to engage readers in getting the most for their dollars, online. Readers will find giveaways, incredible deals, household hints and tips and lots more.

Five in Ohio

A mom and three kids bring readers product reviews in conjunction with all of the ups, downs and craziness that happen everyday, with some seriousness mixed in.

Food Family and Travel

Kerrie puts family first. On her blog, she shares her family adventures, recipes, travel tips, product reviews and giveaways.

Free and Frugal Mommy of One

Melissa Masek shares coupons, product reviews and more for her readers!

Freetail Therapy

Freetail Therapy offers readers the opportunity to learn about how to use coupons ethically and legally, in a way that will benefit couponers AND stores.

Frugal Mom Eh

Look to Frugal Mom Eh for delicious recipes for your family, brilliant DIY & Craft projects for all levels, and great parenting advice!

Geeky Girl Reviews

Chantel Dupont owns Geeky Girl Reviews. A Canadian blog hosting product reviews, giveaways, travel tips, DIY and much more!


GenConnect strives to fill the gap of delivering recommended content by experts through the phenomena of online networking. This site connects unique visitors with experts and each other to enhance lives of others!

Gina's Kokopelli

Your source for everything coupons, free and cheap.

Hanging Off the Wire

Book reviews, fun giveaways, and the life as a mam supporting our troops and veterans.

Happily Blended

Happily Blended is a blog that comes from blogger Brandy's passion of promoting positive thinking. Includes giveaways and stories of New England and work-at-home mom life.

Having Fun Saving

Have fun saving with Tracy Shaw! She's all about the deals, giveaways and freebies!

Heavenly Savings

This blog focuses on saving money through coupons and daily deals. It was recently expanded to also focus on reviews, giveaways, crafts, hobbies, parenting, home decor and more.

Hobbies on a Budget

Hobbies on a Budget is owned by Sharon Williams. Her website is intended to help people re-discover what makes them unique as individuals by offering tips for pursuing our hobbies without breaking our budget.

Hutt-Write Voice

Linda is a Hutterite that shares great book and product reviews & giveaways. You can also see what she has to say about her experiences traveling Europe!

I Heart Giveaways

I Heart Giveaways aims to inform others about products, write in-depth reviews, and helps others get the chance to try out new things through giveaways.

Inspired by Savannah

Inspired by Savannah is a blog that spotlights mom and dad-invented products. Robin hosts reviews and giveaways in addition to offering her readers recipes, gift guides and more!

It's Just My Life...

Annie is a mom balancing life, faith, marriage, homeschooling and what she believes to be endless laundry! Visit her blog for product reviews, homeschooling topics, recipes and travel.

J's Reviews and Giveaways

Florida mom who loves to do reviews and giveaways, as well as enter them!

Java John Z

You'll find awesome reviews and giveaways of gadgets, goodies and books, Boston-area happenings, and couponing, freebies, and sweepstakes in this "daddy" blog from a Java technology book author.

Jenn's RAQ

Texas mom blogging about homeschooling, healthy lifestyle, and of course reviews and giveaways.

Just Joanna

Joanna shares everything she loves with her bloggers. Everything from homemaking to parenting, to fitness and product reviews. Be sure you visit Just Joanna!

Just Us Girls

Just Us Girls consists of eight bloggers from Canada. You can find everything you need on the blog, from reviews & giveaways to recipes and DIY tips.

Kelly's Lucky You

Kelly's Lucky You is a fun, energetic blog providing information about family fun, bargains, contests, new products — things that make you feel lucky. There are also lots of entertainment reviews: books, movies, television and music.

Kelly's Thoughts On Things

Kelly is a wonderful Brand Ambassador. She covers a wide range of topics on her blog, including beauty and fashion, DIY projects, pets and health. She is also a supporter of Autism awareness.

Kerrific Online

A family of six plus pets making their way through school, work and parenting in Eastern Idaho. Love reviews, giveaways and sharing their life stories with readers!


This mother of four from Ontario covers family and parenting topics, recipes and product reviews. Sheri is also known to give great travel advice. Going somewhere? Visit Kidsummers before you leave!

Koupon Karen

Karen loves to share outstanding product reviews, DIY ideas, and great giveaways! Check out her blog for more on those topics, as well as recipes and entertainment.

Laura J. Davis

Laura Davis shares inspirational writing for the heart and soul. She's also a Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor!

Let's Eat 2 Day

Let's Eat 2 Day focuses on product reviews and giveaways of all types.

Let's Start Saving Now

This blog is for people looking for more ways to save money. This may include coupons, freebies, sweepstakes/instant win games (winnable), and ways to cut your bills.

Life as Leels

You'll find DIY craft ideas, parenting tips, recipes, and product reviews on this blog about the journey of life's ups and downs.

Lynchburg Coupon Mama

Shelly Maynard is a front porch sittin', sweet tea sippin', southern mama. She blogs about food, DIY crafts, gardening and more, in addition to offering her readers product giveaways.

Mama Break

Giving every mama a break, every day. Features coupons, giveaways, recipes, interviews and more.

Mama Likes This

This California mom will tell you about everything she loves! Her great product reviews and giveaways will have you saying "Mama Likes This!"

Manic Mama of Two

Book reviews along with product reviews, giveaways and life rambles!

Maria's Space

A full time mom of two who enjoys networking, photography, jewelry making, scrapbooking, reading and writing. Offers advice, suggestions, and tips, on the newest trends and products in the marketplace.

Melissa's Bargains

Melissa wants you to get the biggest bang for your buck! She hosts great online shopping deals and amazing coupons!

Midwest Coupon Clippers

Rita Miller has coupons, freebies, and store deals for everyone! See what she has for you!

Miss Frugal Mommy

Family-friendly product reviews, giveaways, DIY crafts, recipes and savings.

Mom Does Reviews

Mom Does Reviews is the place to glean creative information on raising children, working full time and writing inspirational stories. You'll find product reviews, giveaways, pertinent tips on parenting, writing or just a little peck of inspiration.

Mom Mom On The Go

Heather Fox had a vast following, as she hosts reviews & giveaways for both the US and Canada. She covers shows & entertainment, travel, green living, and shares great beauty tips!

Mom Spot has over 90 areas of resources for moms. They address everything from adventures to education to health and travel, sharing the highs and lows of mastering motherhood.

Mom to Grandma

At Mom to Grandma, Gladys Parker holds wonderful giveaways, hosts gift guides, and shares crafts, DIY's and recipes.

Mom vs. the Boys

Since Jennifer is a boy-mom to three, her blog shares ideas on crafts, stories, activities, adventures and even birthday cake decorating, all centered around a boy theme. Her other passions include photography and travel.

Momma Drama

A fabulously fun blog all about life as a Mom. Features product reviews and giveaways.

Momma Lew

Mama Lew loves to share product reviews, giveaways, recipes, crafts, advice and more with fellow parents, who she considers friends!

Mommies Point of View

All things "mom" from blogger Glenda's point of view!

Mommy Living the Life of Riley

This fantastic blog was created as a social and creative outlet by Melissa, shortly after getting tired of watching Maury Povich.

Mommy Mandy

Influential mommy blogger Amanda is a cloth diapering mom who strives to keep healthy and fit in southern California.

Mommy Ramblings

PR Savvy and WAH Mom to 5, Carolyn, loves to blog about photography, baking, DIY Projects, crafts, cooking and making memories with her family.

Mommy Snippets

Mommy Snippets (Formerly known as Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports) continues to be a blog enriched with all things Parenting, Lifestyle, Faith, Travel, Sweeps, Deals & More.

Mommy Time Out

Angela shares her adventures of parenting and great product reviews & giveaways on Mommy Time Out! Stop by and see what she's shared for you!

Mommy Who Loves Giveaways

Mommy Who Loves Giveaways is a fun place to read great product reviews, enter giveaways and much more. This blog offers all of that, with a little bit of Shawna's family life, passions, opinions and random thoughts thrown into the mix!

Mommy's Coupon Train

Mommy's Coupon Train has grown from just posting about deals and coupons to product reviews, giveaways, recipes, local DMV events and more! She really enjoys bringing brands and customers together through blogging and social media marketing!

Mommy's Favorite Things

Honest reviews, a little about life, healthy living, and giveaways from blogger Heather.

Mommy's Memorandum

Features product reviews, recipes, giveaways, features and the chaotic comedy of life!

Mommys Links

Mommy Links is contributed to by several other blogs. Check it out for the best product reviews and giveaways!

Moscato Mommy

At Moscato Mommy, Lyndsey offers up her best information about crafts, recipes, health & fitness... and happy hour.

Mother 2 Mother

Mother 2 Mother is real talk for real women! Rhonda shares parenting tips and family, home gardening, recipes, product reviews and general thoughts on life.

Moving Through Life

Stop by Moving Through Life to show Katy Rawson some love! There, you'll find great product reviews and giveaways, as well as fashion tips and shopping guides.

Moxie Ninja

For some of the best tips on DYI, fashion, food and product reviews & giveaways, be sure to stop by and visit Amber Ortega at Moxie Ninja!

Mrs. Mommy Book Nerd

Booknerd Emily blogs about her love for all things books!

Mummy Knows Reviews

This website was created to help all the new moms and not so new moms out there get some good information about baby products. You'll find product reviews and giveaways for a wide range of products.

My 3 Little Kittens

Kristen is a mother to three little ones and her blog is filled with Giveaways, Product Reviews, Recipes, Coupons and More!

My Bits and Bleeps

Jeannine shares her thoughts on products, and hosts giveaways. You can also find DIY information and holiday gift guides.

My Devotional Thoughts

In this blog, you will find Ruth's prayers, inspirational thoughts, challenges, and everyday thoughts on living in the real world.

My Springfield Mommy

My Springfield Mommy helps moms save money so they can work less and be home with their families more. Features product reviews, giveaways, coupons and more!

Naturally Cracked

Tiffany Collins would tell you to naturally enjoy the good life! Check out her blog, where she covers products reviews, giveaways, crafts and recipes.

Networking Witches

Two Moms, blogging, writing reviews and hosting giveaways. Not wiccan -- the name is a play on nicknames.

Ninja Mommers

Jennifer Grenier has plenty for you on Ninja Mommers. Visit her site for recipes, travel information, product reviews, giveaways and coupons!

Obsessive Mommy

Obsessive Mommy contains lists of 10, frequent giveaways and interesting reviews. Blogger Ashleigh from Arizona also features some of her favorite recipes!

Obviously Marvelous

Obviously Marvelous is all about being marvelous and sharing insight on family, fashion, heath, food and more!

Optimistic Mommy

Courtney is a mom, wife and follower of God. Her blog shares her love of food, crafts, products, travel and more.

Our Village is a Little Different

Blogger Catherine is a stay at home mother to my twin boys with Asperger's. She blogs about homeschooling, product reviews and giveaways.

Parent Reviewers

Elina Ho is one of our international bloggers hailing from Malaysia! Her blog hosts resources and reviews geared towards parents. Visit Parent Reviews and see what she's shared!

Peg City Lovely

Natalie Bell hails from Winnepeg. This up beat blogger that loves life has everything you need on her blog, including reviews & giveaways, recipes and travel information. Check out Peg City Lovely!

Planet Weidknecht

Lisa Weidknecht is one awesome blogger! She's an ambassador for a television show on CBS. She runs product reviews & giveaways, and covers a wide range of topics including, entertainment, travel, recipes family & parenting, and home & garden.

Practical Frugality

Karen Puleski would tell you to save where you can so you can splurge where you want to! Check out Practical Frugality for great deals!

Princess Among Superheroes

The Princess Among Superheroes is all about the general musings and observations of a semi-crunchy conservative momma to two little superheroes.

PS Mom Reviews

For the best family-friendly product reviews and giveaways, visit PS Mom Reviews and see what Sarah has to share!

Reviewed Mama

No description available.

Save More Spend Less with Heidi

Missouri money-saving mom who loves movies, cooking, doing reviews, hosting giveaways and of course, traveling and shopping!

Saving Common Cents

Saving Common Cents is owned by Jessica Harlow. She covers a wide variety of topics, but if you need coupons and deals, be sure to visit her blog!

Saving More Than Me

Savings More Than Me focuses on topics like home life, health, pets, beauty, home decor, crafts/DIY, fashion, technology and entertainment. They're also known to discuss random topics from time to time, and post reviews and product giveaways.

Saving Toward a Better Life

Tabitha believes in saving as much money as possible, all while living an even more exciting life. Stop pinching pennies and check out her amazing coupons and deals!

Semmes Savers

Coupons, freebies and deals... learn to live more and spend less with Semmes Savers!

Series and TV/ Dayana Barrio Nuevo

Guillermo is one of our faithful international bloggers! Hailing from Argentina, he reviews our books, as well as TV shows and movies. If you love entertainment news, follow Series & TV!

Shannon's View From Here

Shannon Leverette's blog covers just about everything! See what she has to say about products, travel, crafts and recipes!

No description available.

Shopaholic Mommy's Must Haves

Provides readers with the latest coupons and promo codes for major US retailers and stores.

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews

Kathleen Garber loves book reviews! Check out her blog for information on food, health, lifestyle and parenting advice.

Sober Julie

Julie lives her life with purpose and intent! See what she has to say about her faith, recipes, travel and overcoming alcoholism.

Steady Hand

Avid crocheter and blogger, April resides with her family in Tennessee. Her blog features crochet patterns, product reviews, amazing giveaways, great deals and handmade crochet accessories!

Stephanie's Bit By Bit

Stephanie shares money saving tips as well as ideas on how to live a fun lifestyle with fun and inexpensive activities to do with the kids & more!

Strange Daze Indeed

Geek chic artist and writer, Deb blogs about fashion, beauty and product reviews.

Susan Heim on Parenting

Susan shares her personal and professional thoughts and experiences on raising children in today's world. Family-friendly product reviews and giveaways are often featured.

Susan Heim on Writing

Susan Heim on Writing shares writing tips, author interviews, book reviews and more!

Take It From Me

Two stay-at-home moms who just want to share their incredible finds and product reviews with other parents. You'll find raves and rants about products of all kinds!

Tales of a Ranting

Yvonne Logan is the owner of Tales of a Ranting Ginger. She shares great product reviews and wonderful giveaways, and also covers travel and recipes.

That's What I'm Here For...

All about fashion, green living, homeschooling, pets and cooking.

The ABCD Diaries

Christin blogs about trying out new products, adding a healthy dose of homeschooling and natural living anecdotes along the way.

The Brown Girl with Long Hair

The Brown Girl with Long Hair is a lifestyle blog, although it certainly doesn't end there. Blogger Courtney, wife of an ex-NFL player, also writes about products, health, shopping, fashion, kids, parenting, and, yes, of course, how the NFL impacts the family's life.

The Ethertons

This blog features reviews and giveaways in addition to photography!

The Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey is a blog for unique products and offers genuine reviews. See what Susannah Manalo has for you!

The IE Mommy

This blog shares product reviews on everything under the sun but focuses on the categories of faith, family, fashion and fitness.

The Knit Wit

For DIY advice, crafts and product reviews, check out The Knit Wit!

The Mommy Files

Shannon is a full-time blogger that works with several brands. Her blog has become a high ranking site that covers reviews & giveaways, recipes, travel, gift guides and more! Check out The Mommy-Files! !

The Shaker of Salt

Michelle Carter shares product reviews and giveaways, with some words of wisdom in between!

The Shopping Duck

The Shopping Duck is all about discovering new foods and recipes, how to decorate, craft and just make some awesome projects, home management, healthy living and style tips, and what is takes to stay sane in this busy and ever demanding world!

The Small Things

Blogger Brenda loves giving honest opinions on products, services, events and more!

The Stuff of Success

The Stuff of Success is a blog about living well, inexpensively. Located in Connecticut while also spending 6 months per year in Maine! Dedicated to living well, inexpensively, blogger Athena focuses on health/wellness, life, family, crafts, fun, reviews and giveaways.

The Tween and Me

Tween News & Reviews shares tips about fashion, travel, books, crafts, and more! Check it out to find ways to thrive through saving!

This N That with Olivia

Olivia shares with her readers a passion for cooking, couponing and new products in the form of fun product reviews and giveaways.

Two Children and a Migraine

Jayda started this blog to share her reviews of products as well as a place to come and express her thoughts on many other topics that interest her. Check out her reviews, giveaways, recipes and incredible deals!

Two Moms, a Little Time, and a Keyboard

Two moms reviewing their way through family activities, kid-free indulgences, interesting products, and the spice of life in Chicago's Suburbs.

What Mama Wants

What Mama Wants is a blog for women and mothers who are interested in Reviews, Giveaways, DIYs, Green Living, Healthy Cooking and just plain family fun!

Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?

Florida mom, Amy loves extreme couponing! Her blog will help you find the best deals every day.