Important News About Premium Memberships and Story Access

At the end of December 2019, the service we've been using to provide access to our stories became unavailable. So we're sorry to say that our premium subscription service has been discontinued.

This also means that the ability to read four premium access stories per month for free has ended.

If you still see any references to become a premium member – oops! We're working to remove references to the service as fast as possible.

Please note that you can still enjoy Chicken Soup for the Soul stories on our website by receiving our free email newsletters.

If you were a current premium subscriber at the end of December 2019:

We will give you a full refund of your last payment, and it will appear on your credit card (or bank or Paypal) statement.

We also sent a message about this news to the email address associated with your Piano/Tinypass account. Please let us know if you did not receive this message (see below for contact details).

Thank you for being a premium member!

If you have any questions about your premium membership:

We're here to help - please contact us directly by email.