Karen Talcott

Karen Talcott is the co-author of four devotional books published by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women, Devotional Stories for Mothers, Devotional Stories for Tough Times, and Devotional Stories for Wives. Several of her stories have also been included in multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books. When the inspiration strikes, she likes to sit down at her computer with the window open for fresh air and let the story idea take over. She is thankful for her husband, Leland, and three children, Kara, Taylor, and Griffin, for being supportive of her freelance writing.

Karen resides in South Florida and finds her best time to seek God’s wisdom is on her morning walks with her beloved Golden Retriever. Story ideas and titles seem to flow as she communes in God’s world. In her spare time, she enjoys all moments with her children, their many activities, gardening, walking, and faithfully attending her local church.

Karen wishes to thank Susan Heim for the infamous breakfast years ago when, out of the blue, Susan said, “I feel like God has chosen us to write a devotional.” With God’s guidance, this book became a vessel for His voice and wisdom spoken through everyday Christian women. Initially, we went from church to church asking women to write a devotional for us. However, God soon took matters into His own hand, and our call for stories spread like wildfire to church women throughout the country. It was exciting to see our idea born out of a cup of coffee turn into an uplifting reminder of God’s constant and enduring love for us. Each story selected in this book reminds us that when we put our faith in God, apply His Bible verses to our hearts, and finish with prayer, all things are possible in our lives.