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Secondary School Book Set

Overview of Curriculum Book Guide for Harris County Book Sets

The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand has provided readers over the years with stories that accurately represent life. Each book is filled with poems and short selections written by a quality list of individuals for an audience of all ages. The stories give us hope, inspire us, and allow us to cope through tough topics that Chicken Soup for the Soul tackles through the power of storytelling.

Educators can use Chicken Soup for the Soul titles to really showcase themes and content in the classroom, which closely parallel life skills. Character education standards Kindergarten-twelve can be found in every single page of each book. Such objectives include the following strands:

This supplemental book guide uses a variety of stories from several books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection that was provided to your school. Each story consists of suggested lessons and activities that can be easily and effectively implemented into your classroom. The lessons are divided into four categories: primary elementary, upper elementary, middle/junior high, and high school. Within the categories, you will see lessons are broken down even further by grade level. Since quality instruction is based on differentiation, we invite you to select the activities that best meet the dynamic, interests, and needs of your students.

This book guide illustrates how literacy can be used across the curriculum with lesson plans for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It also uses a multidisciplinary approach using art, music, and movement when applicable. You will also find there is a balance of instruction that can be taught in small groups versus whole groups. Students have the opportunity to complete assignments or projects individually, with partners, or in small groups.

While this book guide focuses on selected titles, we encourage you to choose other stories that address a need in your classroom and create lessons to match. Choose a story that closely relates to a small group of students in your class to share with them. Think about the personalities, challenges, backgrounds, or hardships of your students as individuals and provide them with a story they can relate to. Chicken Soup for the Soul reminds us the amount of growth, change, and learning we experience just by turning the pages of a book.

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Kindergarten-Second (Primary Stories/Lessons)

Third-Fifth (Upper Elementary Stories/Lessons)

Sixth-Eighth (Middle/Junior High School Stories/Lessons)

Ninth-Twelfth (High School Stories/Lessons)

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