From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Create Your Best Future


Foreword, David W. Leebron

Introduction, Dr. Milton Boniuk

~Standing Up for What’s Right~

Without Prejudice, Donna Finlay Savage

Speaking Up, Alexis Streb

A Flower for Leourn, Kristi Powers

Small Girl Learns a Big Lesson, Dallas Woodburn

The Fat Kid, David Gelbard

The Boldest Girl in Class, Christy Westbrook

Changing the World — One Clip at a Time, Steve Goodier

You Get What You Give, Terri Akin

A Lasting Lesson, Jim Dow

Finders Keepers, Leona Campbell

~Choosing to Be Your Very Best~

Playing Pretend, Alexander Brokaw

It’s a Great Day to Be Alive! Kate Lynn Mishara

The Two Saddest Words, Amy Newmark

10,000 Hours of Perseverance, Christine Catlin

I Wasn’t Expected to Succeed, Helen Kay Polaski

The End of the Zombie Days, Ron Kaiser, Jr

Trials and Tribulations, Ellis Rubin as told to Dary Matera

Just One Drink, Chris Laddish

Head-Butting the Wall, Mike Vallely

Hidden in Plain Sight, Lance Johnson

~Looking Past Stereotypes~

Duerme con los Angeles, Cassie Goldberg

The Stranger Within, Amy Hilborn

John, Meg Masterson

Homeboy Goes to Harvard, Richard Santana

The Bus Stop, DeAnna Blaylock

Taxi! Nur Ali as told to Barbara Smythe

Thirty Cents Worth, Trish E. Calvarese

Troubled, Woody Woodburn

Nameless Faces, Alexandera Simone

Switching Roles, Gina Favazza-Rowland

The Hardest Lesson, Caroline C. Sánchez

~Developing Self-Esteem~

A Lifetime of Stuttering, Jody Fuller

I Own It, Kate White

Follow Your Dream, Jack Canfield

Inner Sustenance, Michelle Wallace Campanelli

Second Lead Syndrome, AC Gaughen

The Enemy Within, Francis DiClemente

Finding a Vision, Talina Sessler-Barker

Defining Myself, Morgan Mullens-Landis

Label This! Emily Adams

She Didn’t Give Up on Me, Sharon Whitley

Rediscovery, Raegan Baker

~Volunteering and Giving~

One at a Time, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

The Shopping Trip, Jane Choate

A Mom’s Blessing, Maureen T. Cotter

Lost and Lonely, Stacey Ritz

Listening to My Heart, Danielle M. Dryke

A Place to Call Home, Andrew Zaleski

Emily, the Soccer Star, Suzanne Timmons

The Dress, Lee Hargus Hunter

McDonald’s, Shelly Miller

Measuring Miracles by Leaps and Bounds, Rick Hawthorne as told to Morgan St. James

~Embracing Differences~

The Truck, Olivia Mitchell

One Click, Molly Fedick

My Best Friend Mike, Brian Leykum

At the Foot of the Bed, Reverend Jon Arnold

Go in Good Health, Lottie Robins

No Words, Stacy Flood

A Ray of Peace, Rabbi Harvey Abramowitz

Road to Reconciliation, Daniel Jensen

~Accepting and Asking for Help~

The Walk That Changed Our Lives, Maggie McCarthy

A Student Teacher Who Made a Difference, Elizabeth Herrera

The Sandals That Saved My Life, Mallorie Cuevas

Feeling Full, Samantha Molinaro

Freshman Orientation, Lauren Nevins

She Already Knew, Ayanna Bryce

English Teaching Wonder, Nicole Poppino

Unconditional Mom, Sarah J. Vogt

The Right Thing, Kelly Garnett

Making My Day, Monica Quijano

~Powering Through Challenges~

USA vs. My Mom, McKenzie Vaught

A Hand Up, Ann Vitale

Redefining Limitations, Jamie Tadrzynski

Celebrate Life, Caroline Broida Trapp

Life Rolls On, Jesse Billauer

Seeing the Real Me, Lynn Fitzsimmons

Turning “I Can’t” into “How Can I?” Sourena Vasseghi

The Greatest Gift, Immaculée Ilibagiza with Steve Erwin

Believing Anna, Abigail Hoeft

Happiness Through Forgiveness, Nicole Guiltinan

Broken Wing, Jim Hullihan

Just a Kid, Carl Van Landschoot

~Reaching Out to Others~

The Smile, Hanoch McCarty

Gramma’s Good China, David Hull

These Things Take Time, Melissa Crandall

Destroying the Bully, Ann Virgo

The Birth of an Adult, Jonathan Krasnoff

Nice Timing, Thomas De Paoli

Finding Dad, Kara Sundlun

How Sweet the Sound, Cynthia M. Hamond

Coffee-Shop Kindness, Christine Walsh

Understanding Jenny, Cynthia M. Hamond

Angel, Jena Pallone

Like People First, Kent Nerburn

Asperger’s and Friendship, Richard Nakai

~Counting Your Blessings~

Third World Banquet, Andrea Fecik

Thanks Giving, Teresa Cleary

The Adventure of Change, Gail Molsbee Morris

Under One Roof, Alexa Danielle Patino

My Story, Lia Gay

The Old Green Coat, Kathy Smith Solarino

A Visit with My Parents, Leah Burgess

My Epiphany, Angela Sayers

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