Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

Thank You

We owe huge thanks to all of our contributors and fans, and to their fascinating, loving, intuitive dogs. We loved your stories about your dogs and how they enrich your lives. We could only publish a small percentage of the stories that were submitted, but we read every single one and even the ones that do not appear in the book had an influence on what went into the final manuscript.

We owe special thanks to Assistant Publisher D’ette Corona, who not only read most of the thousands of stories submitted for this book, but also worked with the contributors on any edits to their stories and ensured that we got a final manuscript on time. She was ably assisted by editors Barbara LoMonaco and Kristiana Pastir, who read hundreds of submissions themselves and proofread the final manuscript. Our outside editor Susan M. Heim deserves all the credit for her fabulous idea of including fun facts about dogs at the beginning of each story instead of our normal quotations. She did an amazing job finding the facts and pairing them with the stories.

The whole publishing team deserves a hand, including our Director of Production, Victor Cataldo, our graphic designer, Daniel Zaccari, who turned our manuscript into this beautiful book, and all our team members who provided photos of their family’s rescue dogs for our chapter illustrations.

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