Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident

Thank You

We are grateful to all our contributors and fans, who shared their stories about the most personal topics imaginable — their body image, self-esteem, and appearance. We had thousands of submissions and they all had an impact on the final book, informing us as to what’s on the minds of women, and a few men, today, regarding this important topic. Barbara LoMonaco, Kristiana Pastir, and D’ette Corona were our readers, and they narrowed down the list to a few hundred finalists for Emme, Natasha, and Amy to consider.

Associate Publisher D’ette Corona continued to be Amy’s right-hand woman in creating the final manuscript and working with all our wonderful writers. Barbara LoMonaco and Kristiana Pastir, along with outside proofreader Elaine Kimbler, jumped in at the end to proof, proof, proof. And yes, there will always be typos anyway, so feel free to let us know about them at [email protected] and we will correct them in future printings.

The whole publishing team deserves a hand, including Senior Director of Marketing Maureen Peltier, Executive Assistant Mary Fisher, Senior Director of Production Victor Cataldo, Editor Ronelle Frankel and graphic designer Daniel Zaccari, who turned our manuscript into this beautiful book.

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