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Dear College Student,

The face of college has changed drastically since we published our last book created just for college students — and it seems to be evolving more every day. Tuition is higher, campuses are bigger, and the Internet and constant text messaging have made the way you find friends and form relationships even more complex. College is a thrilling but difficult time, full of fork-in-the-road moments that offer you new meanings for old vocabulary words such as perspective, growth, and maturity. It’s a time for you to begin to realize who you are — as well as who you’re not.

That’s why we’ve created Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles for you. It doesn’t have all the answers; in fact, half the fun of college is finding your own answers to whatever questions you’re faced with. But this book can offer you one thing: support. There are stories in here from students who have been through tragedy, like the death of a loved one, or who have been challenged and changed by a special professor or friend. Some students have written about learning to be away from home, about grappling with newfound freedoms — and about that ultimately perplexing question: What is my major? You’re in the midst of all this, but don’t worry — we’ve been there and our contributing authors have been there — so you’re hardly alone.

There are 101 brand new stories in here that we have carefully compiled with one purpose in mind — to give you something to connect to. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in your dorm room, alone for the first time and scared to death that you’ll never make a single friend, or if you’re awaiting your upcoming graduation day, satisfied that your college career has been everything you hoped it would be. Hopefully, there’s something in here that you’ll read and think, “I felt that,” “I did that,” or most importantly, “I needed that.”

We wish you much success and happiness, both in college — and beyond.

~Amy Newmark and Madeline Clapps

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