From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grand and Great


A Special Foreword by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

 ~Becoming a Grandparent~

1. A Grandmother Is Born, Sally Friedman

2. Thoughts on Being a Grandmother, Donna M. Hoffman

3. By Any Other Name, Carol McAdoo Rehme

4. She’ll Call Me “Ma”, Jackie Davis

5. Someone’s Grandmother, Valerie A. Horner

6. The Bathroom Mirror, Wanda Mitchell.

7. She Looks Just Like... Margaret Lang

8. Good News, Bad News, Linda Osmundson

 ~From the Mouths of Babes~

9. Amazon Woman Becomes a Princess, Adeline C. Erwin

10. Missing Pa, Ann Hood

11. Twenty-Nine and Holding, Nancy B. Gibbs

12. Pennies from Heaven, Emily Erickson

13. Everybody Knows Everybody, Lea MacDonald

14. Papa’s Gift to Kelsey, Sonja Walder

15. Raising My Sights, Terri McPherson

 ~Family Ties~

16. Reflections of Hope, Yulene A. Rushton

17. Grandma’s Necklace, Carol Spahr

18. Gift from Another Grandmother, Doris Hays Northstrom

19. The Rocker, Kendeyl Johansen

20. The Folks Next Door, Karen McQuestion

21. I Love You Double, Nancy Vogl

22. Grandpa’s Gift, Nicolle Woodward

 ~No Obstacle for a Grandparent~

23. Growing Old Disgracefully, Emily Coleman

24. Grandma’s Cake, Norma Favor

25. Lisa, Christina Miranda-Walker

26. Granny’s Last Cartwheel, Nancy Harless

27. Forgiveness Tastes Sweet, Elaine Freeland Galaktionova

28. For My Grandson, Floyd Wickman and Terri Sjodin

 ~Legacies through the Generations~

29. The Silver Sugar Bowl, Karen Carr

30. The Seed Jar, Dee Berry

31. A Journey on Cane River, Lalita Tademy

32. A Tradition in the Waiting, Lorraine Cheeka

33. Your Legacy, Tony D’Angelo

34. Grandma’s Pearls, Catherine Adams

35. Grandma’s Surprise Party, Stephanie “Stacy” Thompson

 ~Love Across the Generations~

36. A Dance with My Grandmother, Rusty Fischer

37. A Grandpa’s Love, Scot Thurman

38. Love Bugs, Darlene Lawson

39. The Heart Remembers, Tina Whittle

40. Divine Order, Nancy Vogl

41. Grandma Fujikawa, Linda Tagawa

42. Timeless Generosity, Patti Lawson

43. Gran, Mary Ann Horenstein

44. Oh What a Day! Lynne Zielinski

45. Love on the Edge of the Grand Canyon, Jane Winslow Eliot

 ~Sharing Wisdom~

46. A Canadian’s Story, Pat Fowler

47. Change of Heart, Muriel J. Bussman

48. Grandma’s Words, Laura Mueller

49. Trying Times and Dirty Dishes, Cynthia Hamond

50. Confidence, Jody Walters

51. A Hug and a Kiss, Mack Emmert as told to Tom Lagana

52. Nona’s Garden, Paula L. Silici

53. Grandma Lois, Patricia S. Mays

54. A Change of Seasons, Diane White

55. One Finger, Linda Osmundson

56. Buddies, Maggie Stuckey

57. Same Agenda, Patricia Pinney

58. Walking with Grandpa, Uncle Greg

 ~What a Child Can Teach Us~

59. Just As I Imagined It, Norma Gorst

60. How Do You Talk to God? Rabbi Scott Aaron

61. Green Power, Peg Fugal

62. The Last Puppy, Roger Dean Kiser

63. Sacred Cows, Ina Hughs

64. The Fishing Lesson, Raymond Morehead

65. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate, Roger Dean Kiser

 ~Special Connections~

66. Orange Cheeks, Jay O’Callahan

67. The Shawl, Laurie Mintz

68. Abuela’s Magic, Michele Capriotti

69. Thoughts from a Three-Year-Old, Barbara Cornish

70. Food for Thought, Carol McAdoo Rehme

71. We’ll Never Divorce You, Hanoch and Meladee McCarty

 ~There Is No Place I’d Rather Be~

72. Grandma’s Soup Night, Joan Cinelli

73. Digging in the Dirt, Linda Apple

74. What’s a Grandma to Do? Patricia Lorenz

75. A Day at Grandmom’s House, Harriet May Savitz

76. Why Not? Christina Coruth

77. A Coke and a Smile, Jacqueline M. Hickey

 ~Gifts and Gratitude~

78. Piano Music, Daneen Kaufman Wedekind

79. Help for the Helper, Marlena Thompson

80. Monday Night Tea, Delores Christian Liesner

81. The Dress, Lee Hargus Hunter

82. Gifts of the Heart, Renie Burghardt

83. Gramma Jan, Jan Coleman

84. Ripples in the Pond, Tyrone Dawkins

85. The Grandma Video, June Cerza Kolf

86. An Unexpected Moment, Sara Henderson

87. Grammy’s Gifts, Sheryl Berk

88. That Sunday Afternoon, Gregory Fouts

89. A Gift from Nana, Terri Murcia

90. A Treasured Gift, Kimn Swenson Gollnick

 ~Treasured Moments~

91. Grandma’s Catfish, Ken McKowen

92. A Sister’s Visit, Paula Maugiri Tindall

93. Porch Swing Cocktails, Rusty Fischer

94. Through the Windowpane, Connie Spittler

95. The Holly Trees, Melody Carlson

96. Pudgy, Joyce Laird

97. The Locket, Tal Aviezer and Jason Cocovinis

98. Pumpkin Magic, Kati Dougherty-Carthum

99. The Burning of the Leaves, Edie Cuttler

100. The Marriage License, Meladee McCarty

101. Grandma-Great, Natalie Costanza-Chavez






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