A Special Foreword by Jack and Mark

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grand and Great

A Special Foreword
by Jack and Mark

For us, 101 has always been a magical number. It was the number of stories in the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and it is the number of stories and poems we have always aimed for in our books. We love the number 101 because it signifies a beginning, not an end. After 100, we start anew with 101.

We hope that when you finish reading one of our books, it is only a beginning for you too — a new outlook on life, a renewed sense of purpose, a strengthened resolve to deal with an issue that has been bothering you. Perhaps you will pick up the phone and share one of the stories with a friend or a loved one. Perhaps you will turn to your keyboard and express yourself by writing a Chicken Soup story of your own, to share with other readers who are just like you.

This volume contains our 101 best stories and poems about being a grandparent and a grandchild. We share this with you at a very special time for us, the fifteenth anniversary of our Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When we published our first book in 1993, we never dreamed that we had started what became a publishing phenomenon, one of the best-selling series of books in history.

We did not set out to sell more than one hundred million books, or to publish more than 150 titles. We set out to touch the heart of one person at a time, hoping that person would in turn touch another person, and so on down the line. Fifteen years later, we know that it has worked. Your letters and stories have poured in by the hundreds of thousands, affirming our life’s work, and inspiring us to continue to make a difference in your lives.

On our fifteenth anniversary, we have new energy, new resolve, and new dreams. We have recommitted to our goal of 101 stories or poems per book, we have refreshed our cover designs and our interior layout, and we have grown the Chicken Soup for the Soul team, with new friends and partners across the country in New England.

Everyone has experienced the special ties between grandparents and grandchildren — the unlimited love, the mutual admiration and unqualified acceptance. In this new volume, we have selected our 101 best stories and poems about grandparents and grandchildren from our rich fifteen year history. The stories that we have chosen were written lovingly by grandparents about their grandchildren and by grateful grandchildren about their grandparents.

We hope that you will enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed selecting them for you, and that you will share them with your families and friends. We have identified the 34 Chicken Soup for the Soul books in which the stories originally appeared, in case you would like to continue reading about families and senior life among our other books. We hope you will also enjoy the additional books about families, seniors, pets, and sports in “Our 101 Best Stories” series.

With our love, our thanks, and our respect,
~Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

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