From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After


A Special Foreword by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

~The Power of Love~

1. With These Rings, Sharon M. Palmer

2. Te Amo, Te Quiero, Cariña, Patrick Mendoza

3. A Fall from the Sky, Joanne Reid Rodrigues

4. Princess Bride, Veneta Leonard

5. Hot Lips, Philip Weiner

6. When Snowball Melted, Bonnie Compton Hanson

7. I Love You Anyway, Joe Harding

8. Josef and Rebecca, Mark I. Farber

9. Hello, Young Lovers, Philip Harsham

10. Ageless, Michele Wallace Campanelli

11. A Hero for the Books, Irene Budzynski

~Worth the Wait~

12. The Wallet, Arnold Fine

13. The Ageless Dance of Love, Wendy J. Natkong

14. Chain of Love, Kathleen Happ

15. Bowled Over, Jan Coleman

16. Mom, Can You Pull Some Strings? Carol Allen

17. One True Love, Crystal Wood

18. Treasure Hunt, Steve Manchester

19. Five Dates, Eleven Hundred Letters and Fifty-Five Years Later,
Amy Seeger

20. Tattooed Dreams, Carol MacAllister

~Wedding Laughs~

21. What’s So Funny? Peggy Purser Freeman

22. The Missing Candelabra, Bruce McIver

23. Keeping the Tradition, Dr. Denise Enete

24. The Ideal Invitation, Del Chesser

25. Popping the Question, Elizabeth L. Blair

26. Our Honeymoon Flight, Cindy J. Braun

~Meant to Be~

27. A Thousand Ways, Susan Titus Osborn

28. How David and Lily Got Together, Arnold Fine

29. A Novel Experience, Phyllis S. Heinel

30. A Friend, Indeed! Sylvia Suriano

31. How I Stopped Looking for Mr. Right, Rosalie Wright

32. A Happy-Ever-After, Mary J. Davis

33. Storybook Proposal, Matthew Cummings

34. Two Coins in a Fountain, Joyce Stark

35. Coming Full Circle, Denise N. Wheatley

36. Ben and Virginia, Gwyn Williams

37. Mom’s Last Laugh, Robin Lee Shope

~Making It Work~

38. Discretion Is the Better Part of Marriage,
Rebecca Christian

39. The Parable of the Coffee Filter, Nancy C. Anderson

40. A Mistake I Will Not Repeat, Michael Seale

41. Love That Lasts, Annette Paxman Bowen

42. Overlook It, Tim Hudson

43. Everyday Heroes, Shawn Blessing

44. A Miracle for My Heart, Karlene McCowan

45. “Michigan, You Walk a Long Way”, Donna St. Jean Conti

~Wasn’t the First Love Story in a Garden?~

46. Accidental Blessings, Joanne Bryan

47. First Penny, Bernice Bywater

48. Perennial, Tinker E. Jacobs

49. Butter Beans and Bulldogs, Marion Bond West

50. Say It with... a Rhododendron, Martine Caselli

51. Unspoken Love, Emily King

~We Didn’t Give Up on Us~

52. Desires of Your Heart, Susan Lugli

53. House to Home, Mike Zeballos

54. My Vow, Lyn MacKenzie

55. Meet Me at the Bridge, Nancy Muhammad

56. To Begin Again, Rusty Fischer

57. The Game, Christa Holder Ocker

~Live, Love, Laugh!~

58. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear. Here’s Your Mesh Body Stocking.
Ernie Witham

59. Dumbo, Laura Vickery Hart

60. Ticketless Travel, Jim Feldman

61. Level the Playing Field, Linda S. Lee

62. Drive and Determination, Darlene Daniels Eisenhuth

63. Sleeping Through the Sermon, William Webber

64. Moving In with Frank, LaVonne Kincaid

65. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Marker, Carrie St. Michel

66. Last Outing, James Hert

67. No Response, Donna Parisi

~Finding the Right Mate~

68. A Cure for Cold Feet, Pamela Elessa

69. Love and War, Elizabeth Rand

70. New Year’s Eve Dilemma, Judith L. Robinson

71. Beautiful Music, Kimberly Raymer

72. Catch and Release, Vic Dollar

73. The Moment It Happens, Carol A. Price-Lopata

74. Until Death…, Barbara Loftus Boswell

75. Six Red Roses, Lori J. Robidoux

76. A Perfect Match, M.L. Charendoff

~I’m So Grateful to Have You in My Life~

77. A Different Kind of “Trashy Secret”, Rusty Fischer

78. Love: A Novel Approach, Deborah Shouse

79. The Gift of Life, Margo Molthan

80. The Last Quarter, Ward Nickless

81. Head to Toe, Katherine G. Bond

82. Twenty-Six Years — An Unfolding Romance,
Kris Hamm Ross

83. The Wrong Person, Robin Lee Shope

84. The Porsche Factor, Mitali Perkins

~Military Marriages~

85. The Commissary Roadblock, Paige Anderson Swiney

86. Destination: Military Wife, Bethany Watkins

87. Picture the Waiting, Candace Carteen

88. Hidden Treasures, Michelle Isenhour

89. Only Joking, Vicki A. Vadala-Cummings

90. Navy Pilot’s Wife, Sarah Monagle

~Holding Memories Close to Your Heart~

91. Seven White, Four Red, Two Blue, Robert P. Curry

92. A Romantic Hammer, Catherine Walker

93. Romeo Sets the Stage, Jill LaBoy

94. The Tale of the Goose, Donald Louria

95. A Forever Kind of Love, Christy M. Martin

96. “Falling” in Love, Mary Mikkelsen

97. The Last “I Love You”, Debbi Smoot

98. The Camping Trip, Meghan Mazour

99. The Fisherman and His Femme Fatale, Graham Hall

100. The Wedding Gift, Carol Sturgulewski

101. Red Shoes with Gold Laces, Dr. Sidney Simon








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