From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!


~How Sweet It Is to Be Loved by You~


1. Thanks for the Flowers, Zoanne Wilkie

2. The Gold Ring Club, Dana Martin

3. A Different Story, Gina Farella Howley

4. The Day I Ran Away from Home, Dayle Allen Shockley

5. Oops, Lynn Worley Kuntz

6. He Listened, Kristen Clark

7. Happy Anniversary, Melissa Face

8. Diamond in the Rough, Christine Mikalson

9. My Husband’s Hands, Diane Wilson

10. Are You Happy? Karla Brown


~Have I Told You Lately that I Love You~


11. My Hero, D’ette Corona

12. The Wedding Band, Barbra Yardley

13. There’s Always Pie, Laura J. Davis

14. The Nine O’clock Rule, Shawnelle Eliasen

15. Virginia Beach Is the Limit, Jayne Thurber-Smith

16. The True Gift of Love, Andrea Peebles

17. Our Second First Date, Katherine Ladny Mitchell

18. The Teamwork of Marriage, Dayle Allen Shockley

19. A Steamy Romance, Stefanie Wass

20. The Grandpa Who Became a Daddy, Patricia Lorenz

21. Private Displays of Affection, Melissa Face


~Because You Loved Me~


22. Loopy Love, Kara Johnson

23. My Long-Suffering Co-Pilot, Alan Williamson

24. He Knows Me Well, Theresa Woltanski

25. Mamas Don’t Get Sick, Mimi Greenwood Knight

26. My Nights in a Tent, Kristine Byron

27. Along Came Leonard, Marcia Rudoff

28. Bright and Shiny, Lisa Peters

29. Incompatible, Phyllis W. Zeno

30. Reforming a Road Runner, John Crawford


~Why Do Fools Fall in Love~


31. Critical Condition, Gary Rubinstein

32. The Matchmaker, Lisa Leshaw

33. The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses, Darlene Sneden

34. The Lottery, Robert Campbell

35. Sneaking Up On Commitment, W. Bradford Swift

36. Taking His Measure, Tsgoyna Tanzman

37. First in Line, Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow

38. The Door Bell, Barbara LoMonaco

39. A Couch for Two, Ferida Wolff

40. Perfect, Ernie Witham

41. The Long Way Around, Carine Nadel

42. Newlywed Lock Out, Brenda Redmond


~What’s Love Got to Do with It~


43. Hats Off to Romance! Terrie Todd

44. Neither Rain Nor Snow, Lynn Worley Kuntz

45. Roving Eye, Rita Lussier

46. Pantless in Puerto Rico, John Forrest

47. Put On Something Else, Cindy D’Ambroso Argiento

48. A Weekend of Freedom, Timothy Martin

49. Order, Gretchen Houser

50. Those Doggone Socks, Annmarie B. Tait

51. Sweet Discovery, Kathleen Swartz McQuaig

52. It’s Really the Thought that Counts, Becky Tidberg


~Love Will Keep Us Together~


53. The Fan, Pam Bailes

54. Sweeping with the Enemy, Cathi LaMarche

55. The Proofreader, Cathy C. Hall

56. Giving and Taking, Gloria Hander Lyons

57. Hearts and Hurricanes, Priscilla Dann-Courtney

58. Sweet Thereafter, Billie Criswell

59. It’s Not There, Patt Hollinger Pickett

60. The Sign Solution, Cathy C. Hall

61. Little Black Book, Shawnelle Eliasen


~Crazy Love~


62. Tabula Rasa, Eric Allen

63. Six Parts of a Pot, Marilyn Haight

64. My Fortune, Barbara LoMonaco

65. Glass Dismissed, Alan Williamson

66. The Odd Couple, Linda O’Connell

67. Living in Hormone Hell, David Martin

68. Sirius Arguments, Andrea K. Farrier

69. Helping Harry, Laurie Sontag

70. No Doubt About It, Lisa Beringer

71. Doing the Chicken Soup Dance, Phyllis W. Zeno


~Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow~


72. Homecomings, Sally Friedman

73. R&R, Cherie Brooks Reilly

74. Hello? Mimi Greenwood Knight

75. All About Eve, Monica A. Andermann

76. Candy-Apple Sweet, B.J. Taylor

77. Honesty Will Kill a Relationship, Cindy D’Ambroso Argiento

78. Hunky Magoo, Marsha Mott Jordan

79. Welcome to Our World, Diane Henderson

80. A Real Fixer-Upper, Carol McAdoo Rehme


~I Will Always Love You~


81. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bevin K. Reinen

82. Sock Fuzz, Karen Robbins

83. My Other Half, Lynn Maddalena Menna

84. Proud, Melissa A. Lowery

85. As She Sleeps, Mark Anthony Rosolowski

86. Turning the Page, Deborah Shouse

87. Drive Fast, Take Chances, Sallie A. Rodman

88. For Better or Worse, Stephen Rusiniak

89. We Danced Through Life, Michael T. Smith

90. From This Day Forward, Darlene Lawson


~Circle of Love~


91. Lucky, Lucky, Ferida Wolff

92. Free Baseball, Theresa Sanders

93. The Softer Side, Barbara LoMonaco

94. Marriage Is Like a Fireplace, Wendy Helfenbaum

95. Secret to a Long Marriage, Laurie Sontag

96. Running Through Sprinklers, Jessie M. Santala

97. You Gotta Laugh, Linda Apple

98. Heroine, Harvey Silverman

99. Dreams Can Come True, Sally Kelly-Engeman

100. Always, Phyllis Jardine

101. My Coffee Cup Epiphany, Bobbie Jensen Lippman


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