From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Hello to a Better Body!


No first-time author could wish for more generous support from mentors, colleagues, patients, friends, and family than I’ve had. I thank:

• Grace Dane Mazur, novelist, critic, and extraordinary writing teacher, for setting me on the path. Also, Maxine Rodburg, another magnificent writer and teacher, who, when I told her, somewhat sheepishly (at the Harvard Faculty Club), that what I’d really love to write was a realistic and slightly irreverent book about weight for women of a certain age, replied: “I’d read that!”

• Sven Birkerts, Susan Cheever, Dinah Lenney, Phillip Lopate, and Wyatt Mason of the Bennington Writing Seminars, for showing me what it means to be a professional writer.

• Gideon Gil, Thomasine Berg, and Nicole Lamy, my editors at The Boston Globe, for helping me stretch my writing wings.

• Suzanne Russell-Curtis R.D. C.D.E., Leah Giunta F.N.P., and Marcy Bergeron A.N.P., my colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Bulfinch Medical Group Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program; Ms. Jean Tempel, visionary supporter of the CVD program through Bulfinch Medical Group’s Patient Doctor Partnership; and, especially, the patients who’ve participated in the program, as well as the hundreds of patients over the years who have shared with me their efforts to live healthier lives and my brave “pioneers” in the Women, Weight, and Wellness group. This book got its start in what I learned from you.

• Sarah Schultz and Mary Duffy-Zupkus P.T., M.P.A, who lent me their expertise during many conversations about exercise, fitness, and the psychology of change.

• Julie Silver, MD, Chief Editor of Books at Harvard Health Publications and passionate champion of physician-writers, for giving me the opportunity to write this book, and Natalie Ramm, her assistant at HHP, for unfailingly cheerful and skillful help with the manuscript.

• Amy Newmark, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Chicken Soup for the Soul, for being so smart and so open-minded. I’m spoiled for life, editor-wise.

• My true co-authors, the remarkable women who contributed their stories to this book. You made me smile, nod in recognition, and put on my sneakers even when I didn’t want to.

• Lastly and mostly, my wonderful husband Carlo, and our three amazing children: Sophie, Tony, and Giancarlo: Your love and laughter make everything better.

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