From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You


Foreword, Richard Simmons

  1.    Through the Doors of Slimmons, Richard Simmons

~Getting Started~

  2.   What Did I Have to Lose? Douglas M. Brown

  3.   Video Exercising for Beginners, Felice Prager

  4.   Taking Action, Kathleen Kohler

  5.   Right in My Own Backyard, Patricia Fish

  6.   My Daughter’s Gift, Toni L. Martin

  7.   Diving In, Lynetta Smith

  8.   Doggone Excuses, Peggy Frezon

  9.   Saving Myself, Jeanne-Marie Poulin

10.   Fitting, Alison Gunn

11.   Walking Back to Health, Joanna G. Wright

~Exercise Can Be Fun~

12.   Richard and Me, Fran Signorino

13.   A Really Long Walk, Peggy James

14.   Fit for Life, John P. Buentello

15.   Competitive Yoga, Theresa Hupp

16.   Raising the Bar, Natalie June Reilly

17.   Life Changes, Peter D. Springberg

18.   Dancing My Butt Off, Linda Sabourin

19.   Commitment, Sheri Plucker

20.   The Day My Metabolism Died, Ron Kaiser, Jr

21.   Taking Exercise to Heart, Jo Russell

~To Err Is Human~

22.   Cookie Chronicles, Linda O’Connell

23.   Cheeseburger in Paradise, Rebecca Hill

24.   The Food Monster, Felice Prager

25.   Playing to Lose, Emily Parke Chase

26.   Brownie for Breakfast, Mimi Marie

27.   M&Ms Addict, Peggy Frezon

28.   A Love Letter from Your Treadmill, Heidi Krumenauer

29.   The Breakup, Christina Marie Harris

30.   Guilty Steps, Harriet Cooper

~Regaining Control~

31.   Are We Full Yet? Rebecca Hill

32.   Empowered, B.J. Taylor

33.   A Commitment to Myself, Jeri Chrysong

34.   Lightening My Load, Melissa Face

35.   Another Loop, Shannon Kaiser

36.   No Excuses, Susan Kimmel Wright

37.   Baby Steps, Nancy Higgins Reese

38.   Instant Willpower, Suzanne Baginskie

39.   Resolution Not Revolution, Kimberly M. Hutmacher

40.   Twenty Pounds and Counting, Harriet Cooper

~The Gym~

41.   Conquering the Gym, Nancy Higgins Reese

42.   Saddle Sore, Judy Gruen

43.   Biking to Nowhere, David Martin

44.   I Just Stepped Off, Nancy B. Kennedy

45.   Something Different, Deborah Shouse

46.   The Price of a Pound of Flesh, Ruth Douillette

47.   A Healthy New Mantra, Faith Paulsen

48.   She Called Me Olga, Lisa Coll Nicolaou

49.   Pool Walking, Beth A. Molinaro

50.   Sweat Sisters, Sally Schwartz Friedman

~Liking Myself~

51.   Ready to Listen, Drema Sizemore Drudge

52.   Climbing Nevis Peak, Jennifer Leckstrom

53.   My Transformation, Terri L. Knight

54.   Eat, Exercise, Brush Your Teeth, Amanda Romaniello

55.   Wonderfully Made, Thurmeka S. Ward

56.   Taking Control of My Body Image, Christine Junge

57.   The After Picture, Jennifer Azantian

58.   Just Breathe, Kyle Therese Cranston

59.   Photographic Evidence, Annie Kuhn

60.   Success by Failure, Debbie Acklin

~Having a Partner~

61.   Moving, Elaine Togneri

62.   Partners in Craving, Felice Prager

63.   Vanquishing Voldemort, Tulika Singh

64.   For Mind and Body, Stefanie Wass

65.   To Diet or Not to Diet, Caroline Overlund-Reid

66.   Ignorance Isn’t Bliss, Bill Wetterman

67.   My Friends Are Losers, Melissa Face

68.   My Husband Is on a Diet, Saralee Perel

69.   Bridge to Life, Jan Bono

70.   It Pays to Keep Walking, Laurie Penner

~Telling Myself the Truth~

71.   Lying to Myself, Elizabeth Kelly

72.   A Weighty Revelation, Lynne S. Albers

73.   A Bag of Potatoes, April Knight

74.   Cheating that Works, Lori Phillips

75.   Lip Service, Elaine K. Green

76.   How Much Does a Secret Weigh? Tsgoyna Tanzman

77.   Eating My Idols, Kim Stokely

78.   Taken by Surprise, Nancy Julien Kopp

79.   Weighing In, Sharon A. Struth

~Foods that Made a Difference~

80.   Soul Food, Bracha Goetz

81.   No Meat for Me, Thanks, Monica A. Andermann

82.   The Power of Words, Debbie Cannizzaro

83.   Listening to My Body, Christopher Allen

84.   Blessed Beans, Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz

85.   Dairy-Free Queen, Johnna Stein

86.   The Power of Oatmeal, Sandra Stevens

87.   A Diet for Living, Lucinda Gunnin

88.   It’s a Dog’s Life, Ginny Dent Brant

89.   The Condiment Queen Clams Up, Nancy Berk

~Off the Beaten Path~

90.   The Decaf Coffee Bar, Jennifer Quasha

91.   Just Eat, Jan Mader

92.   Arabian Abs, Emily Ann Marasco

93.   Face Workout, Dwan Reed

94.   The Amazing Newborn Weight Loss Program, Gloria Hander Lyons

95.   10,000 Steps in My Shoes, Carol Band

96.   Taking Care of Me, Beth M. Wood

97.   Surgery Isn’t the Easy Way Out, Marcy Brinkley

98.   How I Clicked with Fitness, Sherilyn Lee

99.   Granny-Size Helpings, Janice M. Wilson

100.  Keeping Busy, Erika Hoffman

101.  Three Easy Steps, Linda J. Rivers


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