From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Getting In...To College



~Planning... and Having a Life~

1. Four Years of Stress: A Cautionary Tale, Nacie Carson

2. The Waiting Is the Hardest Part, Tress Klassen

3. A Worthy Goal, Andrea C. Canale

4. Product Design, Hank Musolf

5. A Black Mark, Joan Hyun Lee

6. Enjoy the Drive, Ella Damiano

7. Turning “I Can’t” into “How Can I?” Sourena Vasseghi

~Playing Catch Up~

8. From Maybe to MBA, Marie Franqui

9. Class Act for a Major Clown, Laura L. Bradford

10. The Application Blues, Thursday Bram

11. My Fortunately Unfortunate Grades, Molly Fedick

12. A Student Teacher Who Made a Difference, Elizabeth Herrera

13. I Wish I Took More Time to Decide, Kristin Abrams

14. What Are You Made For? Alexandra May

~Standardized Testing Madness~

15. Just Getting By, Seth Fiegerman

16. Gaining a Competitive Edge, Natalie Embrey Hikel

17. SATs — Subjective Aggravating Torture System, Courtney Starr Sohn

18. The SAT Meltdown, Amy Newmark

19. A Life Saver, Rachel Henry

20. A Medical Dream, Pallavi Prathivadi

~Parental Pressure and Support~

21. Running Through the Woods, Wendy Walker

22. Follow Your Heart, Kate Lynn Mishara

23. Validation, Michelle Desnoyer

24. My Personal Best, Elaine Ernst Schneider

25. If You Build It, Alexandra Gierak

26. Under Pressure, Mary Kolesnikova

27. Not College Material, Dennis Hixson

28. The Dreaded College Application Process, Thomas Ranocchia

~Road Trips~

29. Mom’s Tour de Force, Aimee Cirucci

30. Two Tour Trips With Dad, Valerie Howlett

31. Finding the Right Fit, Susan E. Johnston

32. Tour de College Campus, Sue Lowell Gallion

33. Reassuring Words, Maxwell Schulz

~Placing Your Bets~

34. The Basement, Emma Lee Goode

35. I Just Knew, Madeline Clapps

36. The Only Person in the World, Alexandra Swanson

37. Clueless, Amy Anderson

38. Poor Little Smart Girl, Beth Morrissey

39. The Seeds of an Idea, Tawnee Calhoun

40. No Silver Platter, Tina Haapala

~Essays, Interviews, Auditions, and Self-Doubt~

41. Ten Things I Like about Myself, Morgan Anthony Richardson

42. Filling Out the ACT Application, Joe Musolf.

43. The Essay I Didn’t Write, AC Gaughen

44. Typing Out Your Life, Mary Kolesnikova

45. Let It Shine, Marcella Dario Fuentes

46. The Right, On Time Essay, Donna Paulson

47. Life Lessons From a Female Dog, Erika Hoffman

48. Really Scary Interviews, Andrea Gosling

49. Audition, Lauren Andreano

~Getting the Letter~

50. The Acceptance Letter, Max Adler

51. Acceptance, Alexsys M. Echevarria

52. Fate’s Compass Points South, Val Muller

53. Receiving the Letter, Jacqueline Palma

54. A Matter of Life and Death, Angela R. Polidoro

55. Meant To Be, Jennifer Lee Johnson

56. The Most Important Subject, Madeline Clapps

~The Waiting List~

57. Lilacs and the Waiting List, Nacie Carson

58. From Waiting List to Wonderful, Rachel Glickhouse

59. Getting In... from the Waitlist, Molly Fedick

60. From Rejection to Waitlist to Acceptance, Liza Johnson

61. The Campaign, Lauren Gibbons

62. No Second Guessing, Kathleen Whitman Plucker

~Now It’s Our Turn to Decide~

63. A Sign from Above, Michelle M. Lott

64. Money Matters, Juan Casanova as told to Madeline Clapps

65. A Dream on a Postcard, Catherine Mevs

66. Making My Decision, Krystie Lee Yandoli

67. Waiting and Wondering, Courtney Starr Sohn

68. Above and Beyond, Ian Zapcic

~Disappointments and Silver Linings~

69. I Didn’t Get In Anywhere, Michael Damiano

70. I Made Lemonade, Jacquelyn Gillis

71. Four Minutes, Valerie Howlett

72. Five Fantastic Rejections, Emma Lee Goode

73. Perfect, Natalie Howlett

74. The Best Disappointment, Rebecca H. Cramer

75. It’s a Sure Bet, Britt Leigh

~Hey, I Totally Changed My Mind~

76. My Mistakes, AC Gaughen

77. A Pittsburgh Rose, Natalie Embrey Hikel

78. The Horsey Girl, Christina Kapp

79. Road of One Thousand Bends, Joyce Stark

80. Choose Wisely, Megan Foley

~Gap Years and Other Alternative Paths~

81. Gap Year Missionary, Melanie Lidman

82. A Different Kind of “Higher” Education, Maria Zawistowski....

83. My Great Gap Year, Michael Damiano

84. Don’t Give Up Before You Start, Maria Wright

85. My Gap Year Plans, Bo Swindell

86. A Long but Ultimately Very Rewarding Road, Ian Pike

87. What I Learned at Community College, Barbara Jane Wheeler

~A Few Words from the People Who Pay the Bills~

88. Live Your Dream, Becky Povich

89. Endings and Beginnings, Kayleen Reusser

90. Totally Awesome, Felice Prager

91. The College Application Meltdown, Nick Walker

92. Joy Will Come, Gail J. Veale

93. Give Him the Money, Felice Prager

94. The Dress and the Dream, Sumana Prathivadi

~See Ya...~

95. Flying Solo, Renee Adair

96. The Last Night Home, Michelle Vanderwist

97. The Best Kind of Farewell, Oren Margolis

98. Long Road, Clara Nguyen

99. Dorm Room Distress, Aaron Ewert

100. Homesick, Nell Musolf

101. A Year in the Life of a College Freshman, Dallas Woodburn


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