From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School




1. Letter to a Younger Self, AC Gaughen

~True Friends and New Friends~

2. I’m Not Thirteen Yet, Amy Bernstein

3. Moving into Friendship, Ava Pennington

4. A Friend, StarAsia Smith

5. The Makeover, Lena James Edwards

6. Three Dimensions: My Unexpected Best Friend, Julia McDaniel

7. Meeting Julia, Emily Cutler

8. Jenna’s Story, Kelsey Johnson

9. I Really Do Care, Josy Hicks Jablons

10. Diana and the Purple Diamond Gang, Emily Adams

11. A Fallen Friend Gets Back Up, Carol Wong

~Mean Girls... and Boys~

12. The Gift of Lost Friendship, Rachel Joyce

13. When I Was Twelve, Kevin Chu

14. It Was Over, Jennifer Perkin

15. It Was The Year, Ariel Chu

16. Bellybutton Betrayal, Rosario Rivera

17. True Friend, Nancy Gilliam

18. Becoming a Mean Girl, Andrea Feczko

19. The Curiosity of Popularity, Hale McSharry

20. Dirty Little Fingers, Melissa Face

21. Closure, Wendy Walker

~Embarrassing Moments~

22. Brace Yourself, Carole Fowkes

23. The Sand Castle Summer, Donald Verkow

24. Coasting on the Thunder Bolt, Annmarie B. Tait

25. The Love Letter, Harris Bloom

26. The Guarantee, Anna Kendall

27. Spelling Bee Blues, Annmarie B. Tait

~Bully Payback~

28. Karma on the Middle School Bus, Andrea Canale

29. El Panza de Burra (The Donkey Belly), Conrado Gomez

30. The Eye Patch, Shana Donohue

31. Life Lessons, Suzy Ryan

32. The Smile that Beat the Bully, Jennifer Youngblood

33. The Courage to Roar, Helen Stein

~Finding Your Passion~

34. Let There Be Light, Nacie Carson

35. The Play, R. P. Houghton

36. Happiness Is a Gorilla Suit, Mary Kolesnikova

37. A Cheerleader for Life, Ginger Boda

38. Sliding Along the Halls of Middle School, Renee Hixson

39. Defining Moments, JoAnne Bennett

40. Anyone Who’s Anyone Knows the Horah, Madeline Clapps

41. Stay True To Yourself and Your Dreams, Nicole R. Roberts

42. Going Long in Middle School, Nicholas Berson

~In Like, In Love, and Just Not Into You~

43. Thirteen, Robert Pellegrino

44. Puppy Love, Jennifer Lynn Clay

45. Love Life, Juliet C. Bond

46. Ben, Jennifer Lynn Clay

47. First Kiss, Last Kiss, Madeline Clapps

48. My First Love, Chase Bernstein

49. The New Boy, Juliana Harris

50. Slow Dance of Love, Jennifer Chase

51. Glasses Geek, Cindy Ovard

52. First Kiss, Pat Stockett Johnston

53. Love Crazy, Arin Anderson

54. Twelve Boyfriends... and Never Been Kissed, Andrea Feczko

~Being Happy with Yourself~

55. More Than Good Enough, Jackson Beard

56. Eighth Grade Giants, Claire Howlett

57. Carly Conquers Confidence, P. A. Perry-Armes

58. Searching for Perfection, Samantha Harper

59. In Between, Cynda M. Strong

60. Cakewalk, Victoria Fedden

61. Sweater Girl, Britt Leigh

62. Snapshots, Sara E. Rowe

63. 20/20, Laura Smith

64. A D-Minus, Roger Dean Kiser

65. Blowing in the Wind, Brittany Newell

66. In Between Is Okay, Pam Bostwick

~Tough Times~

67. Misplaced Kisses, Tina Haapala

68. A Letter of Support, Quinn Scarvey

69. A Mental Cancer, Spencer Scarvey

70. Best Friend Gone Forever, Carmelle Wasch

71. A Boy Named John, Kathleen Ingraham

72. Simon Says..., Ali Edelson

73. The Struggle with Meds, Justin Lynema

74. Before and After, Dan Haze Barten

75. Losing Mother, Marshawna Moore

76. Recovery Is Beautiful, Megan Carty

77. A Final Goodbye, Chelsea Watson

78. My Worst Day Ever, Becky Tidberg

~That’s My Family~

79. Coach Dad, Adam Patla

80. You Don’t Get It, Miriam Hill

81. A Parent’s Guide to Middle School, Carol Band

82. Jonny and Me, Madeleine Curtis

83. The Letter, Mariel Reed

84. Timeless Moments, Erica Kinne

85. Busted—The MySpace Story, Carol S. Rothchild

86. Possum and Soda Spit, Nancy Maggio

87. Daddy, Sharendalle Murga

~The People Who Are There For Us~

88. In Mr. Burgen’s Office, Juliet C. Bond

89. A Port in the Storm, B.J. Taylor

90. Making My Music, Charles Hoffert

91. A Lasting Kindness, Rochel Burstyn

92. Middle School All Over Again, Suzy Ryan

93. Mother’s Little Helper, Beadrin Youngdahl

94. The Diving Lesson, Hank Musolf

~Doing What’s Right~

95. The Decision, Theresa Sanders

96. Brains and Brawn, Roger Dean Kiser

97. Growing a Spine, Valerie Howlett

98. Liar, Liar, Peggy Purser Freeman

99. Opening My Eyes, Chloe Rosenberg

100. Lending a Hand, Bethany Beago

101. No One’s Words But My Own, Myra Sanderman

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