From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad


Foreword, Scott Hamilton

~How Dads Say “I Love You”~

1. My Father’s Approval, Bryan Gill

2. From the Only, Heidi Durig Heiby

3. Very Important Papers, Sallie A. Rodman

4. I Knew, Adrian R. Soriano

5. The Silver Flute, Sharon Beth Brani

6. Tools for Life, Caitlin Q. Bailey

7. The $20,000 Haircut, Jess Knox

8. One Father’s Sacrifice, Abby McNutt

9. Morey, Heather Simms Schichtel

10. It Was My Dad, Joel Schwartzberg

11. Silence Is Golden, Kathleen Shoop

12. Knight in Shining Armor, Natalie June Reilly

~Lessons for Life~

13. This Is How We Practice Not Quitting, Karyn Williams

14. Okay, Fine, My Father Was Right, John Lavitt

15. Living in My Heart, Teresa Armas

16. His Final Lesson, Megan Tucker-Hall

17. The Car, Cathy C. Hall

18. Getting Back to Abnormal, Mark Damon Puckett

19. Blind Determination, Janet Perez Eckles

20. Life Coach, Curtis Silver

21. The Power of Encouragement, D.R. Ransdell

22. How to Build a Sailboat, Gail Wilkinson

23. Thanks for Letting Me Fail, Tim Brewster

24. The Preacher’s Kid, Patti Callahan Henry

~Dad to the Rescue~

25. A Father’s Persistence, Michael Jordan Segal

26. Always at My Back, Wendy Walker

27. Words of Wisdom, Tracy Cavlovic

28. Just Wait, Charles E. Harrel

29. Daddy’s Little Girl, Christine Trollinger

30. The Cape of Good Hope, Jennifer Quasha

31. A Shorts Story, Amanda Green

32. The Hero Who Broke the Rules, Brenda Nixon

33. Saying No to No, Jenna Glatzer

34. Mooning Misfortune, Ashlan Gorse

35. Watching Over Me, Terrilynne Walker

36. Daddy to the Rescue, Marla H. Thurman

~Making Gray Hairs — Fathering Teenagers~

37. Wrong Way Reuscher, Eric T. Reuscher

38. Johnny, Robin Pepper Biasotti

39. Dud and the Catcher’s Mitt, Cindy Beck

40. Showing Up, Rachel Furey

41. Cool Dad, Heidi L.R. Zúñiga

42. Driven, Robyn Kurth

43. Melody of the Heart, Tina Haapala

44. My Unfair Father, Melissa Face

45. Valentine’s Day Ambush, Kathleene S. Baker

46. Runaway Letter, Debra D. Peppers

~Through Thick and Thin~

47. Crazy Curtains, Michelle Sedas

48. The Track Meet, Fracia Heter

49. Pops, Lizy Herrera

50. Flowers that Never Die, Kathy Irey

51. Dad’s Secret Ritual, Victoria LaFave

52. Coach Dad, Ronda Armstrong

53. The Constant, Kimberlee Murray

54. An Orphan’s Daughter, Karen Gray Childress

55. Always a Winner, Al Serradell

56. The Final Gift, Marsha D. Teeling

57. Handstands, Amy Lyons

58. Manhood 101: Having Your Masculinity and Your Marriage Too, Sheila Curran

~Stepping Up to the Plate~

59. Finding a Friend, Kirsten Ogden

60. A Real Dad, J. Aday Kennedy

61. The Christmas Present, June Harman Betts

62. My First Bike, Ray M. Wong

63. Finding Home, Diane Stark

64. First Place, Linda Apple

65. A Real Father, Barbara Edwards

66. The Stepfather, Sally Schwartz Friedman

67. As Time Goes By, Cynthia Blatchford

~Making the Ties that Bind~

68. The Cheslatta River Race, James S. Fell

69. The Man Who Learned to Unravel, Kerrie R. Barney

70. Love in a T-Square, Sheila M. Myers

71. The Best Gift of All, Mary Jo Marcellus Wyse

72. Breakfast, Donna Buie Beall

73. Coach, Stefanie Wass

74. The Garage, Christine A. Brooks

75. Dad’s Tomatoes, Tina Bausinger

76. Alaskan Adventure, Elaine L. Bridge

77. Dodging Failure, Paul Winick

78. Building 101, Barbara Canale

79. Waterskiing with Dad Is Okay, Jill Barville

80. The Saturday Treat, Sara F. Shacter

~Everyday Heroes~

81. Hero to Many, Father to Me, Danielle

82. A Quiet Hero, Timothy Martin

83. My Dad Is as Nice as a Fish, Stephen Rusiniak

84. The Shopping Trip, Jane Choate

85. Laughter, Elissa Stein

86. Rules of Engagement, Jill Olson

87. Living My Father’s Dream, Lola Di Giulio De Maci

88. The Greatest Lesson Never Spoken, Dave Ursillo, Jr.

89. Not Afraid Anymore, Sydney Wain

90. A Faithful Father, Bonita Y. McCoy

~Moments that Last Forever~

91. The Cradle, Shawnelle Eliasen

92. Fathers, Sons and the Angel in the Stadium, Marni Chris Tice

93. Seven Minutes, Lura J. Taylor

94. Caught on Tape, Nick Walker

95. When Daddy Held My Hand, Annmarie B. Tait

96. Tuesdays with Daddy, Sharon Dunski Vermont

97. One Last Reminder, Jan Hamlett

98. Heart Strings, Cynthia M. Hamond

99. Just a Little Phone Call, Kierstan Gilmore

100. The Shrubbery Massacre, Ron Kaiser, Jr.

101. Is Mom There?, Andrea Atkins

Bonus Chapter
Truly Grand Dads

102. The Pinch Hitter, Dawn Lilly

103. Everlasting Lessons, Kevin Price

104. Doting Dad, D. B. Zane

105. Running the Gauntlet, W.S. Gager

106. I Call Him Papa Jim, Donna Reames Rich

107. My Father — My Son, Gary B. Xavier

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