From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom


Foreword, Joan Lunden

~Following in Her Footsteps~

1. What My Mother Gave Me Before She Died, Brad Meltzer

2. Struggles Are Relative, Desiree Diana Amadeo

3. A Lasting Lesson, Jim Dow

4. My Inspiration, Michelle Anglin

5. Adolescent Awakening, Tasha Mitchell

6. Doing the Right Thing, Steve Chapman

7. A Letter to My Mother, Gary B. Luerding

8. The Simple Life, Julie Bradford Brand

9. My Mother, The Patriot, Terrilynne Walker

10. A Son’s Admiration, Aaron Felder

11. Someone Who Cares, Janelle In’t Veldt

12. Discount Shopping, Keith Smith

~Mom Knows Best~

13. Little Trouper, Penny Orloff

14. Lip Drama, Emily Osburne

15. My Mother, My Teacher, Jessica Gauthier

16. The Pantsuit, Harriet Cooper

17. Thank You for Not Pushing, Christy Barge

18. The Chest, Judy M. Miller

19. Just in Case, Ann O’Farrell

20. You’ll Always Be “Mom”, Rebecca Hill

21. Our Mother, Sandra R. Bishop

22. I’ve Got the Power, Aditi Ashok

23. Blooms of Wisdom, Kathy Harris

24. Is Anybody Dead?, Corrina Lawson

~Making Sacrifices~

25. Seven Sticks, Sandy M. Smith

26. Believing in the Writer in Me, John P. Buentello

27. A Mother at Last, Joyce A. Anthony

28. My Mother, My Friend, Elizabeth M. Hunt

29. First Anniversaries, Kate E. Meadows

30. Role Model, Kiashaye Leonard

31. Bright Lights, Big City, Tom LaPointe

32. A New Mom in Town, Al Serradell

33. My Supermom, Mary Laufer

34. My Mom, My Hero, Brandy Widner

35. Surprise!, Carolyn Mott Ford

36. The Old Green Coat, Kathy Smith Solarino

~Favorite Moments~

37. Cape Towns, Saralee Perel

38. Taking Time, Teresa Hoy

39. The Birthday, Wayne Summers

40. Our Evenings with Alex Trebek, Maryanne Curran

41. Dark Winter, Lucas Youmans

42. The Gift in the Plain Brown Wrapper, Jennie Ivey

43. A Different Kind of Experience, Christina Flaaen

44. Duck and Cover, Gemma Halliday

45. Secret Stash, Joanne Faries

46. Walking with Mom, Dallas Woodburn

~Mom to the Rescue~

47. Driving Me Home, Wendy Walker

48. Pretty Baby, Diane Gardner

49. Loving Hands, Jennifer Quasha

50. A Mother Takes On Big Tony, Michael Jordan Segal

51. From Mama to Mom, Jane Dunn Wiatrek

52. Fear, Stephen D. Rogers

53. To Keep Me from the Rain, Joyce Stark

54. With Ears Wide Open, Carol Chiodo Fleischman

55. The Day My Mother Took On the Principal, Barbara Mayer

56. Lifeline, Kiran Kaur

57. A Quest for Answers, Stephanie Haefner

58. Carrying Me Forward, Aviva Drescher

~What Goes Around~

59. Chicken Soup from the Heart, Annmarie B. Tait

60. Mom’s Jewel, Ferida Wolff

61. Just Like Mom, Shannon Scott

62. Finding Joy in a Time of Loss, Megan Dupree

63. Turning Into My Mother, Karen Kullgren

64. Tunnel Vision, Norma Favor

65. The Magic of the Mess, Ronda Armstrong

66. Dusting Off Memories, Jenny R. George

67. The Letter, Kathy Marotta

68. Lasting Impressions, Janine Pickett

69. Happy to Be You, Saralee Perel

~One of a Kind~

70. How to Be Special, Jeannie Mai

71. My Blessing, Linda Burks Lohman

72. My Mother’s Legacy, H.M. Gruendler-Schierloh

73. Mom’s Many Hats, Gail Wilkinson

74. Fish Lips, Terri L. Lacher

75. Making Her Own Way, Kara Townsend

76. Beauty Never Fades, Betsy S. Franz

77. Mom’s Heart, Rachel Furey

78. Somebody to Turn the Rope, Elizabeth Atwater

79. Spilt Milk, Rebecca Lasley Thomas

~Gifts of the Heart~

80. Because You Were There, Stephen Rusiniak

81. The Quilt, Hope Justice

82. A Mother’s Faith, Mimi Greenwood Knight

83. Nobody’s Child But Mom’s, Ellen Fink

84. The Blue Dress, Jennifer Gilkison

85. The Best Coloring Book Ever, Rebecca Olker

86. Fan Appreciation, Doug Hirschhorn

87. Silent Reassurance, Kym Gordon Moore

88. New Dresses, Stacia Marie Erckenbrack

89. A Ride Down Memory Lane, Christopher Hartman

90. The World’s Best Care Packages, Mark Damon Puckett

~My Mother’s Legacy~

91. A Thousand and One Stories, A Million and One Words, Jacquelyn Mitchard

92. Hand-Me-Downs, Shawnelle Eliasen

93. A Poem in Her Pocket, Michelle Dette Gannon

94. Ode to Old Yeller, Theresa Sanders

95. But Wait, There’s More, Sheila Curran

96. A Simple, Lasting Legacy, Pamela Underhill Altendorf

97. Retaining Memories, Robert S. Nussbaum

98. China, Ray M. Wong

99. Things My Mother Taught Me, Kris Hale

100. The Note, Tom Phillips

101. Why I Play, Samuel Torres

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