Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives

Thank You

We appreciate all of our wonderful family members and friends, who continue to inspire and teach us on our life’s journey. We have been blessed beyond measure with their constant love and support.

We owe huge thanks to all of our contributors. We know that you pour your hearts and souls into the stories that you share with us, and ultimately with each other. We appreciate your willingness to open up your lives to other Chicken Soup for the Soul readers. We can only publish a small percentage of the stories that are submitted, but we read every single one, and even those that do not appear in the book have an influence on us and on the final manuscript. We strongly encourage you to continue submitting to future Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

We would like to thank Amy Newmark, our Publisher, for her generous spirit, creative vision, and expert editing. We’re also grateful to D’ette Corona, our VP and Assistant Publisher, who seamlessly manages a dozen projects at a time while keeping all of us focused and on schedule; Barbara LoMonaco, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Webmaster and Editor, who is always so patient and helpful; and Chicken Soup for the Soul Editor Kristiana Glavin Pastir, for her assistance with the final manuscript and proofreading.

We owe a very special thanks to Stephanie Piro, whose skill in creating just the right cartoons for these devotional stories ensures that we continue to look at the lighter side of life. And to our Creative Director and book producer, Brian Taylor at Pneuma Books, for his brilliant vision for our covers and interiors. Finally, we praise God for guiding us through every step of putting this book together. His presence is truly felt in every page.

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