Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen

Thank You

We owe huge thanks to all of our contributors. We know that you poured your hearts and souls into the thousands of stories that you shared with us, and ultimately with each other. As we read and edited these stories, we were truly amazed by your experiences. We appreciate your willingness to share these inspiring and encouraging stories with our readers.

We could only publish a small percentage of the stories that were submitted, but we read every single one and even the ones that do not appear in the book had an influence on us and on the final manuscript. We owe special thanks to our college intern Madeleine Feinberg who read all the stories submitted for this book and helped us narrow the field. Our managing editor and production coordinator Kristiana Pastir narrowed the list down to a more manageable number of finalists for my consideration and helped me create the chapters and the initial manuscript. Our assistant publisher D’ette Corona did her normal masterful job of working with the contributors to approve our edits and answer any questions we had, as well as helping select many stories. And Barbara LoMonaco ran our story database to get the stories in, and then did the final proofreading as we went into production.

We also owe a special thanks to our creative director and book producer, Brian Taylor at Pneuma Books, for his brilliant vision for our covers and interiors.

~Amy Newmark

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