From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Healing For Your Breast Cancer Journey


Chapter 1

~ First, You Cry ~

Nancy and Me, Bari Benjamin

Intimate Anthem, Roseanne I. Hurvitz

Penciling in Cancer on My Calendar, Beth Sanders Moore


Survivorship: a Breast Surgeon’s Viewpoint, Diane Radford

The Tale of Two Bettys

Reflections from a Long-Term Survivor, Lillie D. Shockney

An Infusion of Hope

What to Do After a New Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Chapter 2

~ Building Your Healthcare Team ~

Eliminate the Negative, Accentuate the Positive, Georgia Shaffer

The Three-Year Warranty, Bobbi Emel


Breast Cancer Survivor as Player Scout

Surviving Survivorship

Healing Your Body and Soul

Chapter 3

~ Managing Your Support Team ~

The Healing Pen, Cara Holman

Hats Off to Betty with Love, Alice Muschany

I Miss My Breasts, Linda A. Fiorenzano

Better than the Best Medicine, Debra Fischer Belous

Sandy’s Account, Sandy Wade


Should You Join a Support Group?

Putting Your Most Important Relationship to the Test

The Healing Power of Furry Friends

Angels on Earth

Organizing Your Angels

Chapter 4

~ Think Positive During and After Treatment ~

My Reconstructed Self, Kimberly H. Allison

The Sound of Music, Bonnie Compton Hanson

Kiss and Tell! Connie K. Pombo


Your Brain Is Craving Positive Messages

Practical Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mood

Avoid Worrying About Worrying

Begin a Gratitude Journal

Choosing Exercise with Relaxation in Mind

Try a Mini-Relaxation

What to Talk to Your Doctor About

Chapter 5

~ Living in Cancer World and the Real World ~

The Show Must Go On, Emily Silver

A Perfectly Shaped Head, Dana Bullington Lafever

A Family Affair, Briony Jenkins


Two Worlds, Two Time Zones

Sowing the Beads of Hope

Chapter 6

~ Healing Your Body and Soul ~

The Pink Squishy Ball, Connie K. Pombo

My Journey Journal, Kathryn Coit

Viewing Cancer through a Kaleidoscope, Mary Lou Galantino


Find Your Tempo Giusto

Cancer Rehabilitation Will Help You Heal

Focus on Function

Tapping into the Power of Mind-Body Healing

Chapter 7

~ A Beautiful Woman Emerges ~

Lessons from a Hot Tub, Anne Marie Bennett

Back to Normal, Lynn Cahoon


Intimate Healing

You Are a Phenomenal Woman

Tell Yourself that You Are Beautiful

Chapter 8

~ Your Amazing Journey ~

A Family Journey, The Brady Family

Start Writing! Connie K. Pombo

Overcoming Fear, Marcy Scott


Help from Unexpected Sources

Party in a Box

Traveling Companions

Art Therapy and Healing

Chapter 9

~ Reflections on Living ~

Paths of Life, Alex Silver

Forever and Ever, Alice Muschany

Fighting for Two, Roxanne Martinez

Getting It, Alison Shelton


Perspectives on Living

Choose Your Own Path

Make a Worry Box

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