From A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dear Reader

I am here for you. When you are lonely or feel isolated, seek my companionship. When you are filled with doubt and your self-confidence seems to be a distant memory, look to my light. When confusion and chaos appear to reign supreme in your life, listen to my wisdom. As your grandparents used chicken soup to restore health to your body, I am here to give life to your soul. My insights into family and love will guide you out of the caverns of your solitude. My stories of courage and fortitude will strengthen your resolve.

My recipe contains a strong dose of inspiration offered by those who have faced mountains of challenge, only to overcome and stand above them among the clouds and stars. Your entire system will vibrate with new energy and lightness as you consume large quantities of humor, as you struggle to share your gifts with a world in need. Tales of the champions, the heroes and the heroines who have gone before you, will give new energy to your step and vitality to your dreams. Great thoughts uttered by the wisest of souls will break the shackles of fear that hold you in bondage. Above all, I offer you the vitamin of vision—the vision of your future filled with joy, victory, happiness, health, prosperity, companionship and love. I am Chicken Soup for the Soul.

John Wayne Schlatter

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