From A 6th Bowl of Chicken Soup for the Soul


Jack Alexander turned to memories of his childhood to write his short stories. He can be reached at 252 Colonial Heritage, Doylestown, PA 18901, by calling 215-230-0118 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Andy Andrews is an author, comedian, motivational speaker and national television celebrity. Andy’s purpose is to positively affect the attitudes of those who are touched by his wide scope of talent. He has authored a four–book series entitled, Storms of Perfection, and has written a book of short stories entitled, Tales from Sawyerton Springs. Andy can be reached through his Web page at or by calling 800-726-ANDY.

Terry Andrews is a writer who lives on the coast of Oregon. She has just completed her first novel. This story is based on her memories of a family Christmas when she was growing up in Iowa. You may reach Terry by e-mail at [email protected]

Marsha Arons is a writer and lecturer in Skokie, Illinois. She is thrilled to be associated with the Chicken Soup series, and her stories appear inWoman’s Soul, Mother’s Soul and A 5th Portion. She also contributes to national magazines such as Good House keeping, Reader’s Digest and Redbook. She has authored a book for young adults and is currently at work on a collection of short stories dealing with mother-daughter relationships. You can contact her via e-mail for speaking or other assignments at [email protected]

Beverly Beckham is an award-winning columnist and editorial writer for The Boston Herald. She is the author of A Gift of Time, a collection of personal essays. An at-home mother who embarked upon a writing career at age thirty, she routinely ponders the universal experiences that connect family and friends. You can reach her at P.O. Box 216, Canton, MA 02021 or by e-mailing her at Bev [email protected].

David A. Berman is a high school English teacher, weekly columnist, freelance writer, event host and public speaker who lives in rural New Hampshire with his wife, Kim and daughter, Jessica who have helped him rediscover what life has to offer. He hopes to someday make writing and speaking his primary focus. He may be reached at P.O. Box 280, West Rumney, NH 03266.

Michael Biasini is currently teaching special education in Mesquite, Texas. He enjoys teaching, motivational speaking and cycling. He is happily married to Valerie, and has been blessed with two wonderful children, Andrew, age five and Matthew, age three. Michael can be reached at 972-681-7035. Remember: Never give up!

Shawn Blessing is an educational consultant with the Education Service Center in Richardson, Texas. She received her B.S. degree in home economics from Texas Tech University and her M. A. in educational administration from New Mexico State University. She currently resides with her thirteen-year-old son, Joshua, an all around great kid, in McKinney, Texas.

Captain Ross Bryant is an active duty armor officer and a sixteen-year veteran of the U.S. Army. He has served as a tank platoon leader, executive officer and a company commander. He has served in Germany, Egypt and the U.S. He is currently training ROTC in California. He can be reached at 909-829-1654 or e-mail: [email protected]

Krista Buckner graduated from the University of California, Irvine and earned her master’s degree in clinical psychology from California State University, Bakersfield. Krista founded her own company called Fitness for the Mind which provides keynote presentations and self-development seminars. She has spoken at universities, medical centers, government organizations, athletic clubs, private businesses and various non-profit organizations. She can be reached at P.O. Box 10839, Bakersfield, CA 93389 or call 877-348-6463.

Felice Buckvar’s young adult thriller, Dangerous Dream, was recently published by Royal Fireworks Press, and her articles appear frequently in the New York Times, Newsday, Family Circle and other publications. She gives readings from her books, lectures, and teaches courses on creative writing and writing for publication. She can be reached at 212-406-7265.

Mike Buettell is a highly respected junior high school counselor in Irvine, California. Partially disabled, he is a living inspiration to his students that courage, perseverance and a sense of humor can overcome any obstacle. He can be reached at Rancho Middle School, 4861 Michelson, Irvine, CA 92715 or call 714-786-3005.

Heather Bull is still a stewardess and enjoys traveling with her husband. She originally shared this story with her brother who is the creator of the Web site features inspirational, heartwarming and uplifting real-life examples of how one person can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Dave Carruthers is a well-known coach and a motivator of young people. He is also the author of Athletes Achieving Peak Performance. Dave is listed in Who’s Who Among American’s Teachers and his talks are inspirational and challenging. He can be reached at 4010 Bill Moxley Rd., Mt. Airy, MD 21771 or call 301-662-1965 or e-mail [email protected]

Natalie M. Cadavid is a practicing attorney in Chicago who enjoys writing short stories and essays in her spare time. Natalie attended the University of Michigan Law School and currently is a law clerk for a federal judge in Chicago. As a college student at the University of Illinois, Natalie was a reporter for the campus newspaper, the Daily Illini.

Diana Chapman has been a journalist for fourteen years, having worked at the San Diego Union, Copley Los Angeles Newspapers and the Los Angeles Times. She specializes in human interest stories and is currently working on a book involving health issues, since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1992. She has been married for nine years and has one son, Herbert “Ryan” Hart. She can be reached at P.O. Box 414, San Pedro, CA 90733 or call 310-548-1192.

Barbara Chase-Pace has owned and operated a family-owned moving company for over fifty years. She has gained a wealth of experience in “taking people home” as they call their services. Barbara has never forgotten a brief note on an article while in college that said “you have it in you to write.” Thirty-five years later, after raising three sons, and working in a secretarial career, she took a class “Creative Writing 101.” The pleasant discovery: She not only “had it in her to write,” but she finds it difficult to stop. She considers it a gift from God.

Rebecca Christian is a writer who lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Regina Clancy-Hiney is a teacher, mother and writer. She has written her child’s name in over fifty articles of clothing—many of which have yet to return home. She specializes in giving homework on Fridays and pop quizzes on Mondays.

Jo Coudert is a freelance writer, a frequent contributor toWoman’s Day and the Reader’s Digest, and the author of seven books, among them the bestselling Advice from a Failure. Her most recent works are Seven Cats and the Art of Living, The Ditchdigger’s Daughters and the forthcoming The Good Shepherd.

Valerie Cox’s poem, “The Cookie Thief,” was published in A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul. In between traveling and speaking, Valerie serves on two nursing home ministry teams and is currently working on a second volume of poetry and prose. She can be reached at 31849 Pacific Hwy. South, Suite 210, Federal Way, WA 98003 or by calling 253-941-3209.

Mark Crawford made the switch from exploration geology to writing four years ago because he wasmore excited seeing his first story in print than finding a gold mine. He is the author of five books on history and science and numerous articles for regional and national publications. You can reach Mark at 5101 Violet Lane, Madison, WI 53714; e-mail: [email protected].

Thomas De Paoli is a management professional with twenty-plus years of experience in many areas of business. He has extensive experience in reengineering and coping with mega-change. He has traveled to over forty countries and has been published in Manufacturing Engineering Magazine, Purchasing World and Purchasing Today. He conducts seminars on reengineering purchasing, negotiating, supply management, pay-for-skill compensation, dealing with mega-change and various human resources topics with a special emphasis on empowerment. Contact him at 920-457-1658 or [email protected]

Paul Dean is a staff writer and automotive critic for the Los Angeles Times and has been a journalist for thirty-five years. He was a feature writer and correspondent for British newspapers, worked with United Press International in Canada and came to the United States in 1963. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and the Ernie Pyle Memorial Award for coverage of the Vietnam War. Dean has more than fifty writing awards and has a syndicated column, Behind the Wheel, that goes to over eight hundred clients. Dean’s hobbies include tennis, vintage race cars, sailing, collecting antique clocks and flying WWII airplanes.

Jean Oliver Dyer is an exceptional woman who will receive her master’s degree in May of 1988. She will begin work on her Ph.D. in June. She is currently a full-time background investigator working for the Richmond Police Department. She is a private tutor in reading, math and computer skills. Her hobbies include reading and cooking. She can be reached by writing to 1112 Hollister Avenue, Richmond, VA 23224.

Mary Gardner is president and CEO of the Coaching Certification Institute, an authorized training center under the wing of The Learning Studio (Langhorne, Pennsylvania). A dynamic motivational speaker, she has helped numerous business executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, attorneys and other professionals achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. Mary resides in New York City.

Rabona Turner Gordon gets her inspiration for writing poetry from her five children. She is a single mother and she and her children have endured and enjoyed many of life’s challenges. She quite often does customized poems for her church, friends and co-workers. Rabona resides with her children in Marietta, Georgia. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

Stacey A. Granger lives in Maryland with her husband and their six children, and is the author of The Portable Mother, The Portable Father and The Workout Cop-Out. She can be reached at 48 Anna Speakman Road, Elkton, MD 21921 or by calling 410-392-7612.

Anita Grimm is a former teacher and businesswoman who lives with her husband, horses and dogs on a small Oregon farm in the shadows of the Siskiyou Mountains. She adopted Chad on his thirty-eighth birthday and is the grandmother of three. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Nancy Hammel makes her publishing debut in Chicken Soup for the Soul. At nineteen, she is a student at Daemen College in Amherst, New York, where she is studying to become a social studies teacher. She hopes to continue to write inspirational poems and stories in honor of her inspiration—her family and friends.

Leon Hansen was born on a farm in eastern Nebraska. He farmed along the Missouri River for many years, and served three years in the Air Force during WWII. In 1969 he and his family moved to Oregon. He has written poetry since he was twenty. Some of his publications include, Memories in Rhyme, It Could Be Verse and Thoughts for Thinkers.

Jerry Harpt has taught and counseled in the public schools for thirty-three years. He has a regular newspaper column entitled Challenging Our Limits, teaches creative writing to adults and has recently completed two children’s books that he hopes to get published. He can be reached at N. 3231 River Drive, Wallace, MI or by calling 906-863-8862.

Kathie Harrington holds a master’s degree in speech pathology. She specializes in autism, serving the autistic population of the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV as Mentor Teacher—Autism and provides consulting services to state agencies. Kathie is a national speaker on the topic of autism focusing on the informational as well as the inspirational aspects of the disorder. She has authored four books/programs in the field of speech therapy, numerous short stories and poems. Her most recent publication is For Parents and Professionals: Autism (Lingui Systems, East Moline, IL) which blends both personal and professional experiences. Contact Kathie at 3611 Maria St., Las Vegas, NV 89121; phone: 702-435-8748; fax: 702-436-9161; e-mail: [email protected]

Michael Haverty was a student at Queens College, NY taking a course in writing. This story is about his father-in-law who was an influence in his life. He has been married for thirty-three years and has five children. This story was a labor of love for Michael.

Bill Holton is graciously allowed to share his home with three demanding yet adorable Siamese cats and his demanding yet adorable wife, Tara. Bill is a freelance writer from Richmond, Virginia. When not feverishly begging magazine editors for assignments, he actually dreams of retiring to the Florida Keys where he will concentrate his boundless energy on fishing. He can be reached at [email protected].

Darcie Hossack is a freelance writer living in Canada’s beautiful Okanagean Valley. Her writing reflects the joy and humor she looks for in every new day. Besides short stories and articles, her latest ambition is 36" 24" 36" and Other Fairytales About Womanhood, a lighthearted laugh at women’s common woes. Darcie can be reached by email at [email protected]

Kim Kane is retired from the Navy and mother of three. She now writes a family humor column for the Amazing Instant Novelist site on America Online. She lives on a small island off the coast of Seattle. Her hobbies include jigsaw puzzles, (now that her kids are big enough, she doesn’t have to worry about them eating any of the pieces) and writing.

Kathleen M. Kelly is currently writing a book about her healing from metastatic breast cancer entitled Hold On to Your Hair! Kathleen is more than two years into her second remission and she feels it is the love that surrounded her from family and friends and colleagues at Glastonbury Youth and Family Services that enabled her to cope with the most challenging time of her life. And yes, Jim is still in the picture! Kathleen can be reached at 8114 Town Ridge, Middletown, CT 06457 or by calling 860-632-1243.

Misty L. Kerl teaches science to middle school and high school students in Angola, New York, just south of Buffalo. She is currently working on her master’s degree, which will be completed in December, 1998. She is twenty-eight years old and has been married for three years, although she has been with her husband for the past eleven years. She can be reached at 716-549-3043.

Joe Kohl has been an internationally published magazine cartoonist and illustrator for over twenty-five years. His cartoons and designs also appear on numerous greeting cards, tee-shirts, mugs and books. Joe has several of his own cartoon books out. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] or visit his Web site at

June Cerza Kolf retired after twelve years of hospice work and is the author of five books relating to grief. She is a frequent contributor to inspirational magazines and has just completed a book for suicide survivors. Currently she and her husband enjoy traveling and their four grandchildren.

Tom Krause is a motivational speaker, teacher and coach. He is the founder of Positive People Presentations. He speaks to teenagers, teaching staffs and any organization dealing with teen issues. Also business organizations in the area of motivation and stress reduction. Tom is the author of the poem Just Me from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.

Lawrence A. Kross practiced restorative dentistry in northern New Jersey for thirty years, publishing only professional articles. Upon retirement, he has been writing fiction with over twenty stories published. (This story is nonfiction). Nowadays you can find Larry skiing, playing tennis, hiking and biking. (Normal adult activities he attributes to Sandy.)

Delores Lacy was born and raised in Tampa, FL; served twenty-two years in the Navy; married and bore three children—Christian (deceased), Rebekah and Matthew—and later divorced. Now retired from the Navy, she works as a civilian at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola full time and as a Mary Kay consultant, part time.

Linda Lawrence (Hunt) teaches with Forest Baird at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. An English professor, she is also freelance writer with articles in many national magazines and newspapers and is presently writing a book drawn from a true story of two women who walked across America in 1896. She can be reached at [email protected].

Mike Lipstock’s stories have previously appeared in the Chicken Soup books. They have also appeared in well over a hundred magazines and nine anthologies. He recently received his second nomination for a “Pushcart Prize” and a nomination for a story to be presented on National Public Radio. He lives in Jericho, New York and his telephone number is 516-681-0171.

Patricia Lorenz is an internationally-known inspirational, art-of-living writer, speaker, columnist and teacher. She is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She is the author of Stuff That Matters for Single Parents and A Hug A Day for Single Parents and the writer of over 400 articles published in many national magazines. She’s a contributor to eleven Daily Guideposts books; a regular columnist for the Milwaukee archdiocesan newspaper; and the author and voice on Hugs for Your Heart audio books. Patricia is a speaker who entertains her audiences from the get-go and packs a wallop with her take-away messages. You may contact her at 7457 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Oak Creek, WI 53154. For speaking engagements contact Associated Speakers, Inc., at 800-437-7577.

Meg Lundstrom lives in New York, and coauthored The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence (Harmony, 1997).

Vincent Luong is an entrepreneur who lives in New Jersey.

Barbara Mackey is a veteran feature writer for international corporations, national magazines such as Woman’s World, and local publications, including the Dayton Daily News and the Palm Beach Post. Her favorite topic is ordinary women who display extraordinary courage. She lives in Dayton, Ohio and Bellaire, Michigan.

Angela Martin is the mother of two, and is currently majoring in social work at the College of West Virginia. A volunteer at the AIDS Task Force in Beckley, she works with families who are HIV-positive. She can be reached at P.O. Box 582, Prosperity, WV 25909 or by calling 304-255-4584.

Jacqueline Moffett has always enjoyed writing. She recently joined the National League of American Pen Women, Boca Raton, Florida branch and attends the monthly writing workshops. Jacqueline enjoys writing poetry and also short stories with happy endings. She can be reached at 3009 S. Ocean Blvd., #801, Highland Beach, FL 33487.

Kolette Montague is a wife, mother and grandmother. An elementary school teacher and freelance writer, she is member of the League of Utah Writers and the Utah State Poetry Society. She has won numerous awards for poetry and has been published in several anthologies. She is a professional editor/coach. Kolette may be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Diane Nelson is a newspaper columnist and essayist. She lives with her family in a home beside the Stanislaus National Forest, amid the mountains and trees that feed her soul. You can reach her at P.O. Box 5256, Avery, CA 95224.

Rick Phillips is a veteran of three decades of sales and sales management. He formed Phillips Sales and Staff Development in 1984 and since that time has trained sales professionals throughout North America in skills necessary to be successful in the new millenium. Rick can be reached at P.O. Box 29615, New Orleans LA 70189 or call 800-525-7773. You may e-mail him at [email protected] or visit his Web site at

Kay L. Pliszka retired from teaching to pursue her role as child advocate and educator by facilitating teen workshops, writing and public speaking. She has received a Wisconsin Bell/Ameritech Teacher Award, MCADD Award, Walkers Point Community Service Award, State Recognition for Exemplary Educational Grants and is included in Who’s Who Among American Teachers. Kay may be reached at 1846 W. Halsey Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53221 or you may e-mail her at [email protected]

Penny Porter is a mother of six and a grandmother of seven. She is a former teacher and school administrator. Award-winning Penny Porter is a frequent contributor to Reader’s Digest. She has also been published in a wide range of national magazines and is the author of three books. Her inspiration is rooted in the love of family and human values which children of today need so desperately.

Adrienne C. Reynolds is an educator and a writer. Her love of teaching has traveled with her from Louisiana, North Carolina and Florida. Life experiences have afforded her a huge collection of stories that she is now taking time to write down. Her biggest fans are her husband, Juacane, and her children, Jade and Kyan. She can be contacted at 4501 NW 85th Ave., Coral Springs, FL 33065 or by e-mail: [email protected]

Nancy Richard-Guilford is an author and inspiring speaker who ignites audiences with her passion for life and contagious high energy. She teaches practical skills in a setting filled with humor and heart. Nancy loves listening to Three Dog Night songs, ordering Happy Meals so she can play with the toys, and her husband, 3-D character animator James Guilford. Her client list ranges from the U.S. Navy to metaphysical churches. To join this growing list, call 888-236-2629.

Ed Robertson is the author of The Fugitive Recaptured, Maverick: Legend of the West and This is Jim Rockford. He is also a consultant with Columbia House Home Video and has written for such publications as The New York Post, Television Chronicles, New Media Review and San Francisco Giants magazine. Ed lives in San Francisco, California.

Heather Roth and her husband are newlyweds and recently moved to California. With them they have brought their strong family values from the Heartland. She hopes to soon contribute to her families with children of her own and pass on those values. Things are going well for her and her husband and she says they couldn’t be happier!

Hope Saxton is a freelance writer who resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two sons. Her work has appeared in Happy Times Monthly, and The Edge Tales of Suspense, among numerous other publications. She is currently working on her third novel. Hope may be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

Cliff Schimmels roamed the plains, herded the cows, chopped the cotton, and learned to tell stories while listening to those expert story tellers who made up the community around him during his boyhood years in western Oklahoma. After fifteen years as a high school teacher and coach, seventeen years as a professor of education at Wheaton College, and seven years as a professor of education at Lee University where he is now, he is still telling stories, just as those boyhood heroes taught him. Although he has written twenty-four books, Cliff’s greatest accomplishment is being the father of three and the grandfather of four.

Jim Schneegold is a legal printer in Cheektowaga, New York (a suburb of Buffalo) who writes personal experience stories spanning from childhood embarrassments to yesterday’s wait in the grocery line. His Erma Bombeck/ Andy Rooney writing style works to keep his feet on the ground, right where they belong. He can be reached at 630 Beach Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14225 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Ruth Senter is the author of eleven books including the Angel Award Winner, Have We Really Come a Long Way (Bethany House Publisher). Her most recent publication is a chilren’s book: Annie Ashcraft Looks into the Dark (Bethany House Publisher). Ruth’s other books include A Tribute to Moms (Multnomah), Longing For Love: Conversations with a Compassionate Heavenly Father (Bethany) and Beyond Safe Places (Harold Shaw Publishers). Ruth has served as editor, columnist and freelance writer for many Christian publications as well as co-host for the TV series “Adventures in Learning.”

Jolie “Jes” Shafer-Kenney is a freelance writer with over two-hundred articles published on America Online. Jolie is best known for her popular advice column on AOL (keyword: Online Psych) as well as facilitating many online support groups. She is listed in Marquis’s Who’s Who of American Women (1999-2000 edition) and can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Mildred Shreve is a retired health aide. Her life these days are filled with pets. She is an animal activist and an active member of a very exciting bluck club.

Donna Smith is a retired English teacher. She is married and has five children, ten grandchildren and one great granddaughter. She has taught Sunday school at First Baptist Church for the last forty eight years. Donna is a freelance writer, speaker for inspirational writers’ groups and a newsletter editor. She has been published in Oklahoma English Journal, Teaching Today, Teaching K-8, Guideposts, Christian Reader, Mature Living, The Lookout and several others. Donna is also a teacher-consultant and speaker.

Lizanne Southgate is the author of Mother Musing, An Unlikely Princess and The Boy Who Swallowed a Dream. She is a ghostwriter and the mother of five. To contact her regarding her books or ghostwriting services, write to her at P.O. Box 878, Brownsville, OR 97327 or e-mail her at [email protected]

Denise Syman lives with her husband Phillip in Farmington, Michigan. She writes mainly of her experience as a mother as well as about home and family. Her son Daniel is in the U.S. Coast Guard and her daughter Delana is a full-time student. You may write to her at 22566 Lilac, Farmington, MI 48336.

John E. Welshons is a highly respected grief counselor, lecturer and business consultant who has worked with Ram Dass, Pat Rodegast and Stephen Levine. One of his most popular audiotapes, “Healing the Grief (. . . of the loss of a loved one)” features a conversation between John and Mark Victor Hansen. John is available for lectures and seminars. His book and tape catalogue and personal appearance schedule can be obtained by calling OPEN HEART SEMINARS at 800-555-0844 or by writing: P.O. Box 110, Little Falls, NJ 07424.

Mary Jane West-Delgado is a physical therapist, author, designer of safety products for the home and a cartoon writer. She would love to hear from you! Her e-mail address is [email protected].

Jeannie S. Williams is an inspirational writer, motivational speaker and a professional magician. She conducts dynamic staff development, parenting and student presentations using her “magic”as a teaching tool. Jeannie is president and founder of the “Unlock the Magic” creative writing workshops and has been entertaining audiences for years with her own special blend of creativity and humor. She shares the magic of working with children in her newest book, What Time Is Recess? Jeannie can be reached at P.O. Box 1476, Sikeston, MO 63801.

Marvin J. Wolf is a journalist and author and was the only United States soldier to arrive in Vietnam as a private and leave as an infantry lieutenant. He lives in Los Angeles and is now writing a history of the Jet Propulsion Lab, his tenth non-fiction book. For more of his work, visit Marvin’s Web site at

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