From Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms

Who Is Patty Aubery?

As the president of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises and a #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor, Patty Aubery knows what it’s like to juggle work, family, and social obligations—along with the responsibility of developing and marketing the more than 80 million Chicken Soup books and licensed goods worldwide.

She knows because she’s been with Jack Canfield’s organization since the early days—before Chicken Soup took the country by storm. Jack was still telling these heartwarming stories then, in his training programs, workshops, and keynote presentations, and it was Patty who directed the labor of love that went into compiling and editing the original 101 Chicken Soup stories. Later, she supported the daunting marketing effort and steadfast optimism required to bring it to millions of readers worldwide.

Today, Patty is the mother of two active boys—J. T. and Chandler— exemplifying that special combination of commitment, organization, and life balance all working women want to have. She’s been known to finish at the gym by 6:00 AM, guest-host a radio show at 6:30, catch a flight by 9:00 to close a deal—and be back in time for soccer with the kids. But perhaps the most notable accolade for this special working woman is the admiration and love her friends, family, staff, and peers hold for her.

Of her part in the Chicken Soup family, Patty says, “I’m always encouraged, amazed, and humbled by the storytellers I meet when working on any Chicken Soup book, but by far the most poignant have been those stories of women in the working world, overcoming incredible odds and—in the face of all challenges—excelling as only women could do.”

Patty is also the coauthor of several other bestselling titles: Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, Christian Family Soul, and Christian Woman’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul.

She is married to a successful international entrepreneur, Jeff Aubery, and together with J. T. and Chandler they make their home in Santa Barbara, California. Patty can be reached at:

Self-Esteem Seminars
P.O. Box 30880
Santa Barbara, CA 93130
Phone: 805-563-2935
Fax: 805-563-2945

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