From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Book of Christmas Virtues


Introduction: Reflections

Value from Virtues: How to Use This Book


Finders, Keepers

Homestead Holiday Margaret Lang

With Gladness and Glue Nancy B. Gibbs

Decking the Halls with Balls of Jolly Woody Woodburn

The Debut Mary Kerr Danielson

Music to My Ears Margaret Middleton

I Wonder Mary Kerr Danielson

Gone Logo


Simply So

Tending the Home Fires Jim West

Bringing Christmas Toby Abraham-Rhine

A Hush in the Rush Ann K. Brandt

Whittle-ed A Way Carol McAdoo Rehme

Bottomed Out Margaret Kirk

Secret Ingredients Jane Zaffino

Common Sense


Between the Lines

Sweets for the Sweet Emily Sue Harvey

Nickled and Dimed Binkie Dussault

Fair Game James Daigh

Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like . . . Isabel Bearman Bucher

Chords of Love Margaret Lang

Charlie’s Coat Robin Clephane Steward

Flashing Back Kathryn Beisner

It’s So Lover-ly


Mounting Evidence

Drawn to the Warmth Marion Smith

School of “Hire” Learning Edmund W. Ostrander

Surprise Santa Henry Boye

In the Bag Sheila Myers

Stroke by Stroke Margaret Lang

A Slice of Life Carol McAdoo Rehme

Sealed with a Kiss


Steeped in Gratitude

St. Nick’s Note Pamela Bumpus

Mother to Mother Annette Seaver

Chilly Today, Hot Tamale Ellen Fenter

A Piece of Themselves Carol McAdoo Rehme

Angels and Angst Sharon Whitley Larsen

It’s in the Mail


By Leaps and Mounds

Everybody Loves Santa Robert H. Bickmeyer

Presence and Accounted For Vickie Ryan Koehler

Let’s Get Real Charlotte A. Lanham

Ho, Ho, Hope Angela Hall

Away from the Manger Stephanie Welcher Thompson

The Family Tree Carol Keim as told to Tamara Chilla

Going Global


Wonder Full

A Place of Honor Mary Kerr Danielson

The Lone Caroler Bonnie Compton Hanson

The Right Touch Steve Burt

Christmas Derailed Armené Humber

Troubled Woody Woodburn

’Twas the Night Charlotte A. Lanham

Let It Snow! Carol McAdoo Rehme

Suitable for Flaming

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Carol McAdoo Rehme?



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