From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Book of Christmas Virtues

It’s So Lover-ly

Adopt someone into your family this holiday season to shower with love by selecting from the following:

Open your home: Look at your circle of acquaintances with new eyes. Do you know a college student who can’t travel home this Christmas? A co-worker with no relatives? New neighbors in the house next door? A recently widowed church member? Think of them as extended family—and invite them to share your holiday dinner.

Adopt a grandmother: Contact an area nursing center or retirement home and request the name of a lonely, aged resident. Make her your honorary grandmother. Visit, call and bring thoughtful gifts. Give freely of your time—and remember to continue this new relationship throughout the year.

Become an angel: Take advantage of opportunities during December to reach out to others. Contribute to the mall mitten tree, to a single parent through your civic club or to a homeless teenager through a local shelter. Fill their requests, slip in a luxury item or two, and do it with the same generosity of spirit you’d show your own children.

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