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Thea Alexander’s book, 2150AD, has changed millions of lives, as has her seven-title Macro Study Series. She has lectured internationally, authored a newspaper column and conducted two TV interview series. Educated (Phi Beta Kappa) as a counselor, she invented a new succinct (2 to 6 hours) technique of assisting people toward their potential, called Personal Evolution Tutoring, which she both uses and teaches others to use. She may be reached at PO Box 26880, Tempe, AZ 85285-6880, 602-991-7077 or fax 602-991-0766.

Antoineta Baldwin was raised in the small beach town of Redondo Beach, California, the youngest of 8 children. She has retired from a management position as an inventory specialist and is now juggling her time between excercising, producing wearable art, boating with her husband Wayne and working as a volunteer for the needy in the South Bay area.

Joe Batten, C.P.A.E., is a professional speaker and a successful businessperson who knows how to inspire confidence in organizations in good economic times and bad. His 35 years as an author, consultant and speaker have earned him the title of Corporate Mentor. Joe wrote the best-selling book Tough-Minded Management and 15 other books. Joe is a man who loves life and laughter and translates that warmth and passion to every audience. You can reach Joe by writing to 912 Walnut Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3502 or call 515-244-3176.

Andrea Bell was called “the Creme de la Creme of Caterers” by Los Angeles Magazine. Her L.A. Celebrations! has created party extravaganzas for presidents and princes, as well as the Hollywood elite. Ms. Bell is an internationally trained chef who not only attended LeNôtre, la Varenne and The Cordon Bleu in France, but also trained in India and with Madeleine Kamman and James Beard. Andrea Bell can be contacted at L.A. Celebrations! Catering and Event Coordination, 1716 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035 or call 310-837-8900.

Rhonda Rima Nielsen-Bisnar is a personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney in private practice in Newport Beach, California. She is happily married to her law partner and soulmate John Paul Bisnar. Rhonda and John have a combined family of five children. Rhonda’s current passions are peace studies, mediation and conflict resolution. Rhonda hopes to move her career into the arena of international conflict resolution and contribute whatever she can in this lifetime to the furtherance and maintenance of world peace.

Jean Brady teaches two weekly cooking series in Rustic Canyon in addition to private groups and is partner in Santa Monica’s Seasonal Table Cooking School. She is a party planner with a top Los Angeles catering company, co-author of The Ultimate L.A. Food Guide and obviously the mother of two incredible wonderful grown boys. Watercress sales have been discontinued indefinitely. Contact her at 680 Brooktree Road, Santa Monica, CA 90402 or call 310-454-4220.

Helice Bridges is a renowned keynote speaker, trainer, author and consultant. Known for her compassion, humor, integrity and personal power, she teaches corporations, organizations and schools worldwide how to build positive relationships and raise self-esteem in one minute or less. Helice is founder of Difference Makers International. To contact Helice or order Blue Ribbons, school curriculum or other products write DMI, PO Box 2115, Del Mar, CA 92014 or call 619-634-1851.

Linda Bruce is a wife and mother of two from Petaluma, California. She is the owner of The B&C Balloon Company, a full-scale balloon delivery and decorating service. Linda is an award-winning, certified balloon artist and a popular speaker/instructor at national and international balloon conventions.

Mike Buettell is a highly respected junior high school counselor in Irvine, California. Partially disabled, he is a living inspiration to his students that courage, perseverance and a sense of humor can overcome any obstacle. He can be reached in care of Rancho Middle School, 4861 Michelson, Irvine, CA 92715.

Martha A. Burich is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at St. Louis Community College and President of Successful Solutions, a training and consulting firm providing in-house training to companies and school districts. She is the author of several books and audio tapes, including Good Parent Sense, Discipline and Counseling Skills in the Classroom and How to Drive Yourself Sane. She lives with her husband of 15 years, Tony, and their 12-year-old son, Anthony. She can be reached at Successful Solutions, 1704 McCready, St. Louis, MO 63117-2106 or call 314-645-0431.

Elaine Cannon was born, reared and enriched in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah, Institute of Children’s Literature. She has been working since the age of 17 and is busier than ever since retiring. She has been involved in the whole gamut of the media world—creating, hosting, ghosting, taping, editing, executing, authoring, lecturing, directing, producing and publishing—world-wide awarded and rewarded. She has been married to D.J. Cannon for 52 years and has 6 grown children, 25 grandchildren and 4 great-grandbabies. Greatly blessed and having lots of fun.

John Catenacci, a chemical engineer by training and practice, works pretty much full time as a safety and environmental manager for an established chemical company while enjoying, with his employer’s support, a successful consulting business based on his extensive experiences in team building and improving organizational performance. He is also a published writer of both short fiction and non-fiction articles.

Chris “Mr. C” Cavert is a nationally known presenter and trainer in the area of “Experiential Play and Games” for pro-social learning and self-esteem. He has written the full spectrum E.A.G.E.R. Curriculum, which he uses to train child care professionals. Chris can be reached through the Experiential Specialists, 121 East Lake Road, Colgate, WI 53017.

Charles “Chuck Champlin” is the retired arts editor and columnist of the Los Angeles Times. He is a television host, a teacher at USC and the author of several books, including George Lucas: The Creative Impulse and Back There Where the Past Was, a memoir of his boyhood in Upstate New York, where three generations of his family were champagne-makers.

Rita Chopra was born and educated in New Delhi, India. She now spends her time between Lincoln, Massachusetts, and La Jolla, California.

Mallika Chopra recently graduated from Brown University and currently lives and works in New York City. They can be reached at Quantum Publications, PO Box 1088, Sudbury, MA 01776 or call 508-440-8400.

Sharon Civalleri is a clinical hypnotherapist, counselor, speaker and writer. She also produces a line of dynamic self-help audio tapes on a variety of subjects. You may contact her at 5855 Naples Plaza, Suite 304, Naples Island, Long Beach, CA 90803 or call 310-434-6565.

Rosemarie Cortez is a professional speaker on personal and professional topics for schools, organizations and businesses. Founder of her own consulting business known as Open Door Presentations, she is author of the forthcoming book Freeing the Woman Within and inventor of the Temper-Mentor Anger product. She can be reached at Open Door Presentations, 3352 Calvin Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124-2543 or call 408-377-3616.

Bonnie Cox is a part-time writer and full-time realtor who lives in Newport Beach, California, with her husband Michael and cat “Bud.” Because of her work schedule, she enjoys dishes that can be quickly prepared ahead of time. She loves animals and shares a love for fruit with her “new friend” Bogie. You can contact Bonnie at 184 Westport, Newport Beach, CA 92660 or call 714-644-0352.

Barbara Curtis is a sales management consultant to the publishing industry and the owner of Books Beyond Borders, Int’l.—a company whose purpose is to market and distribute selected small- to medium-sized U.S.-based publishers’ products internationally. She can be reached at 1670 Loma Verde Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 or call/fax 916-933-5091.

Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., is one of America’s foremost experts on relationships and personal growth. She is the author of four best-selling books including How to Make Love All the Time, Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, Are You the One for Me? and her most recent New York Times best-seller, Real Moments. Through her work as one of the nation’s most sought-after motivational speakers, Barbara has inspired millions of people to experience more love and meaning in their lives. Barbara’s award-winning television infomercial, Making Love Work, appears each day on hundreds of channels throughout the United States. For a free schedule of seminars, or more information about ordering Barbara’s books or tapes, please call 800-682-LOVE.

Jamie Sparling Drew is an educator, psychometrist, devoted mother of ten through attrition and transition (death of spouses) and grandmother of twelve. She has been the president of three real estate corporations for nearly 30 years, a poet, painter, potter, Church of Religious Science Practitioner in Training, Director of the Science of Mind Board, writer, Prescott Art docent and delighted wife of Robert Kenneth Drew.

Burt Dubin is the developer of the Speaking Success System, a powerful instrument for helping aspiring and professional speakers position, package, promote and present themselves. “You are a master—an absolute master—I recommend your system wihtout reservation,” says Joseph J. Charbonneau, CSP, CPAE. Burt may be reached at Personal Achievement Institute, 1 Speaking Success Road, Kingman, AZ 86402 or call 800-321-1225.

John Enright was born in Yakima, Washington, in 1927. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale and his graduate degree from UC Berkeley Graduate School in Psychology. He escaped the deadening effect of mindless behaviorism by meeting and studying with Fritz Perls. John created some of the “human potential” movement and took it around the world. Now he is learning to love while trying to write some poetry and protect the earth.

Kyoko Enright was born Kyoko Hosho in Tokyo, Japan, in July of 1964. She was an American exchange student for a year in Massachusetts. She graduated form Dokkyo University with a major in German. Kyoko was an international guide in Mexico, India and various parts of Africa. Her goal is to break the bonds of culture and habit, and become a free woman—as well as a cross-cultural cook!

Warren Farrell, Ph.D., is the author of the award-winning bestsellers Why Men Are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power. He is the only man in the U.S. ever elected three times to the board of directors of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York City. He conducts workshops for corporations, colleges and government agencies focused on getting the sexes and races to “walk a mile in each other’s moccasins.” (He figures that if he tries to get the sexes to understand each other, he’ll always be employed!) All of Dr. Farrell’s books are available in paperback from Putnam-Berkeley; information about his speaking and audio tapes can be obtained by calling 619-753-5000 or faxing him at 619-753-2436. Dr. Farrell lives in Encinitas, California.

Kathy O’Grady Fellows is happily teaching kindergarten in Newport-Mesa Unified School District. She’s been cookin’ up lessons for elementary grades in the Southern California area since 1965. She is the mother of 3 daughters and currently resides in Laguna Beach, California.

Pam Finger is a workshop facilitator and consultant who specializes in self-esteem and values-clarification issues. She is president and co-founder of Inner Trek, a training and consulting organization. She is also president of the Rochester chapter of the National Council on Self-Esteem. She may be contacted through Inner Trek, PO Box 32, Fairport, NY 14450 or by calling 716-223-0153 or by fax 716-223-0147.

Joan Fountain is a powerful and engaging trainer, speaker and writer with the ability to simultaneously captivate, motivate and educate audiences. She communicates from the heart and takes a hands-on approach to her subject matter, tackling sensitive and complex issues in thought-provoking workshops and presentations. Offering expert training in cultural diversity, sensitivity and awareness, she also addresses issues ranging from conflict resolution and burnout to case management, sexual harassment, team building and self-esteem. In addition to state, county, federal and other public sector clients, Joan Fountain has provided innovative consultation and training to The Westinghouse Corporation, American Airlines, GTE and other Fortune 500 corporations. A sought-after keynote speaker, Joan Fountain has appeared as the guest of nationally syndicated television talk show hosts Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Rafael, Montel Williams and Faith Daniels. Her inspirational new book, Don’t Get Me Started, will be released in the Fall of 1995. Joan can be reached at 3104 O Street #220, Sacramento, CA 95816 or call 916-454-5412.

Norma Brandel Gibbs is a former mayor of Seal Beach and of Huntington Beach, California. She is Professor Emeritus of California State University, Long Beach where she specialized in mental hygiene and home, school and community studies. Norma founded Interval House, a home for victims of domestic violence. Much of her time is currently devoted to volunteer roles in civic endeavors. She enjoys giving workshops on how to live with yourself and like it! In demand as a speaker and facilitator, she may be reached at 17087 Westport Drive, Huntington Beach, CA or call 714-846-3247.

Caroline Goering is President of Turning Points, located in Blue Hill, Maine. She leads workshops in parent education and does child-care provider training. She also leads “Beauty from the Inside Out” workshops for individuals and small businesses. She can be reached at PO Box 355, Blue Hill, ME 04614 or call 207-374-2175.

Cyndi James Gossett is an accomplished actress/singer. Ms. Gossett has more than 30 television and film roles to her credit. Her original one-woman show, The Hand of God, is gaining acclaim as a fund-raiser for abuse centers nationwide. As an international nightclub performer she has been the opening act for both Rich Little and Jay Leno, and her versatility inspired Cristina Ferrare to select her as co-host of a daily talk show in Los Angeles.

Vaughn Greditzer has been a singer, model, teacher, painter, designer (her hand-painted silk fashions have been featured by Bergdorf Goodman, Women’s Wear Daily and Princess Cruise Lines), mother (5 children—3 adopted), animal lover (at one point had more than 100) and has always been an avid cook. She lives two hours from Paris and may be reached at Bercheres, 28260 France.

Susie Gross is a native Californian who has filled her life with her love of art and beauty. She is a professional trompe lóeil artist, with works in homes and buildings throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. She can be reached at her family compound at Willow Creek Farm in Templeton, California, where she and her family are developing a working vacation art school, by calling 805-237-0626.

Patty Hansen has her priorities straight—being Mom is number one. As the other half of the “Mark/Patty Team,” she devotes her time between being Chief Financial Officer and trouble-shooter at M.V. Hansen & Associates, Inc., and full-time driver, caretaker and homework assistant to their two daughters, Elisabeth and Melanie. She also loves to squeeze in some time to garden, raise chickens and play on the beach. She is currently at work on her first book. She can be reached at PO Box 7665, Newport Beach, CA 92658 or by calling 714-759-9304.

Floren Harper modeled, sang and acted in her twenties. She grew up and discovered books, acquired degrees from Columbia University, taught speech and drama for 15 years, wrote on teaching theatre and helped create an English language arts curriculum, Interaction with James Moffett. Now she is a painter and nascent activist. She can be reached at 21801 Ocean Vista Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92677.

Natalie Hartanov Haughton is the author of four nationally distributed cookbooks: The 5 in 10 Dessert Cookbook (Hearst Books), 365 Great Chocolate Desserts (HarperCollins), 365 Easy One Dish Meals (Harper & Row) and Cookies (HP Books). Natalie has been food editor at the Los Angeles Daily News since 1976. She has judged numerous cooking competitions, including the National Chicken Cooking Contest, the 1982 Pillsbury Bake-Off, Gilroy Great Garlic Recipe Contest and Cook-off and International Chili Cook-off. Over the years, Natalie has won several awards for her food writing, including the Vesta Awards, General Foods Awards for Excellence in Nutrition Communications and the Newspaper Food Editors and Writers Food Writing Contest.

Kirby Howard has spent the last 20 years working in the travel industry in both the hotel and airline fields. She studies metaphysics and lives in an enchanted cottage near Dallas with five of her dear animal companions. She is a collector of rare people and stories. Kirby may be reached at 3806 Olympia, Irving, TX 75062 or call 214-252-6374.

Sharon Huffman is the founder of the Center for Enlightened Leadership, where she teaches inspired leadership and true empowerment. She coaches individuals to reach their full potential and live in balance while making a noble contribution to our world. Speaker, consultant and author, her work appears in Women of Vision and Gratitude by Louise Hay and Friends. She can be reached at PO Box 2194, Del Mar, CA 92014 or call 619-481-4181.

D. Trinidad Hunt is an international author, educator, speaker, corporate trainer and consultant. Her award-winning book, Learning to Learn: Maximizing Your Performance Potential, and audiocassette series have propelled numerous companies to organizational excellence. Trin speaks to that special place in each of us, inspiring us to direct our rare and unique energies in a significant way. Her message is straightforward and compelling. For further information call 800-707-ELAN or fax 808-239-2482, or write to Elan Enterprises at 47-430 Hui Nene Street, Kaneohe, HI 96744.

Ann Hyatt is a professional inspirational speaker, and co-author and author of seminars offering life skills in relationships and reaching life’s purpose and dreams. Her teaching has been applauded for its delightful humor coupled with its down-to-earth method of making things simple, which reaches right into the heart. She can be reached at PO Box 1062, Maple Valley, WA 98038 or call 206-886-0159.

Cheewa James is a sought-after motivational speaker and expert in the field of communication, working with businesses and organizations to improve communication networks and to enhance client contact. Cheewa’s professional speaking applies the age-old wisdom of the Native American to help meet the challenges of the 21st century. Her presentations center on the power of communication to build leadership and enhance business and personal relationships. She can be reached at 3330 Union Springs Way, Sacramento, CA 95827 or call 916-369-6616.

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., has helped millions of people overcome their fears and move forward in life with confidence and love. She is the author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Dare to Connect, Opening Our Hearts to Men, The Journey from Lost to Found, Thoughts of Power and Love plus her Fear-Less Series of affirmation books and tapes (Inner Talk for Peace of Mind, Inner Talk for a Confident Day and Inner Talk for a Love That Works). As well as being a best-selling author, she is a popular workshop leader and public speaker and has been a guest on many radio and television shows including numerous appearances on Oprah! She has also created many audiotapes on fear, relationships and personal growth.

Avril Johannes, born in England, lived 20 years in Alaska. A professional aviculturist, she has published short stories in Bird Breeder, Alaska Magazine and various newspapers. She has three grown children and is presently working on a book about Alaska. She can be reached at 8070 New Hope Road, Grants Pass, OR 97527.

Jeanne Jones is an internationally respected food consultant living in La Jolla, California, who specializes in recipe, menu and product development. She is the author of 25 cookbooks, including Cook It Light Classics (Macmillan, 1992), Light and Hearty (Crown, 1994) and Cook It Light Desserts (Macmillan, 1994). Known as the “Dear Abby” of the food world, she writes “Cook It Light,” a syndicated column that reaches 30 million readers each week. As the acknowledged pioneer in spa cuisine, she has created menus for Canyon Ranch Fitness Resorts and Four Seasons Hotels. Jeanne is a frequent speaker on food and lifestyle topics for audiences ranging from chefs to physicians.

Ronald W. Jue, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Newport Beach, California, and is internationally known for his dynamic and powerful workshops in personal transformation, intuition and imagery. His work focuses on helping individuals integrate mind/body/spirit in their lives and work. He can be reached at PO Box 5805, Fullerton, CA 92635 or call 714-738-8889.

Oswald F. “Ozzie” Jurock, formerly President, Chairman and CEO of National Real Estate Service in Vancouver, had a distinguished 26-year career in the Canadian real estate industry. A native of Cologne, Germany, Mr. Jurock has addressed audiences throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and the Republic of China. He captured first place in the Practicing Industry Lay Writers Category of the annual Morguard Literary Awards Competition each time he entered the competition (1982 and 1992). As one of the most highly regarded authorities on real estate in Canada today, Mr. Jurock has been a member of almost every real estate association, council and board in British Columbia. Mr. Jurock now owns Jurock Publishing Ltd. and acts as publisher and chief editor of the monthly Jurock’s Real Estate Investor newsletter and its companion weekly real estate fax service and hotline.

Irene Kassorla, Ph.D. is a best-selling author, lecturer and well-known media personality. In her international psychology practice, she treats patients by phone in Europe, Asia, Australia and throughout the United States. Her daily activities include frequent TV and radio appearances, lecturing and conducting in-person sessions with patients in Los Angeles. She can be reached by calling 310-205-0226.

Zoie Kaye is an independent training consultant and keynote speaker. Since 1993, Ms. Kaye’s primary client has been SkillPath, whose independent consultants are rated the best in the field of training business people. Ms. Kaye specializes in presenting such programs as Managing Skills for Women, Assertive Communication Skills and Coaching and Team Building. Her keynote speeches cover similar topics, with an emphasis on women’s issues. Ms. Kaye can be reached at Instar Communications, 20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A-199, Mill Valley, CA 94941 or call 415-389-8841.

Sam Keen was overeducated at Harvard and Princeton and was a professor of philosophy and religion at various legitimate institutions before becoming a free-lance thinker, lecturer, seminar leader and consultant. He is the author of a dozen books, including Fire in the Belly and Hymns to an Unknown God. He was a contributing editor to Psychology Today, a co-producer of the award-winning Faces of the Enemy and the subject of a Bill Moyers PBS Special, Your Mythic Journey with Sam Keen. He has a marked disrespect for accepted boundaries, tired answers, uncritical ideologies and the sacred jargon of various professions. When not writing or traveling around the world lecturing and doing seminars on a wide range of topics on which he is not necessarily an expert but a skilled explorer, he fiddles with horses and growing things on his farm in the hills above Sonoma. Sam can be reached at 16331 Norrbom Road, Sonoma, CA 95476 or call 707-996-9010.

Mary Olsen Kelly is the co-owner (with her husband Don) of The Black Pearl Galleries, a chain of fine jewelry stores in Hawaii specializing in rare, exotic black pearls from Tahiti. She is also the co-author (again with Don) of Finding Each Other, How to Attract Your Ideal Mate, published by Simon and Schuster. She can be reached at 1142 Auahi Street, Suite 1714, Honolulu, HI 96814.

Kimberly Kirberger is a well-known jewelry designer currently living in Pacific Palisades, California. Her pieces sell in the finest stores in the country and are used in feature films and television shows such as Melrose Place and Models, Inc. For a list of stores that carry her jewelry or for further information, call 310-454-2197.

Art Linkletter has been a television and radio star for more than 60 years. He has won two Emmy Awards and received four Emmy nominations, a Grammy Award and ten honorary doctorate degrees. He has written 23 books. Art has served on President Nixon’s National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse Prevention and on the Presidential Commission to Improve Reading in the United States. He can be reached at 8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 205, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, call 213-658-7603 or fax 213-655-5173.

Bobbie Jensen Lippman is a prolific human-interest writer whose work has appeared in national and international publications. She hosts a daily radio program called “Bobbie’s Beat on the Air,” which is broadcast locally, plus statewide on Oregon Public Broadcasting and over-the-radio talking-book network in the midwest. Bobbie is involved with the visually impaired and is also very active in hospice work. She may be reached at 13650 South Coast Highway, South Beach, OR 97366 or call 503-867-3805.

Florence Littauer, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., is the president of CLASS Speakers, Inc., an international organization that trains, promotes and books speakers. She is a popular and inspirational speaker for both church and business groups and is the author of more than 20 books including her best-sellers, Silver Boxes, Personality Plus and Dare to Dream. She can be reached at CLASS, 1645 S. Rancho Santa Fe, #102, San Marcos, CA 92069 or call 800-433-6633.

Tony Luna is founder of Tony Luna Creative Services, a representation and consultation service for commercial artists. He is also an instructor at the Art Center College of Design in the field of creativity and business. Mr. Luna is a member of the Board of Directors of U.P. Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people through the arts by promoting talented youth into education and employment in the creative industries. Together with his wife Paula, Mr. Luna has co-authored The Disaster Recovery Handbook and instituted Disaster Recovery Services to assist survivors of disasters in their emotional and physical recovery. If you are interested in learning more about any of these areas of interest you may reach him at 819 North Bel Aire Drive, Burbank, CA 91501-1205 or call 818-842-5490 or online: [email protected]

Dennis E. Mannering, CSP, has provided more than 2,500 presentations positively influencing the lives of thousands of people through his simple but direct method of getting to the heart of quality living and working. He incorporates stories of both family and business experiences to make his talks memorable and thought-provoking. Contact Dennis at 1-800-236-3445 for more information on his motivational, customer service, sales or teamwork programs.

Dick Martin’s career in show business is much like cooking—you need the right ingredients. He had the desire, a great partner, Dan Rowan, a good agent and a lot of hard work. Rowan and Martin worked in night clubs for many years. Their first television break was hosting The Dean Martin Summer Show. This led to their own show called Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In. When Martin’s partner retired in 1975, he turned to directing. Directing is really like cooking: It’s all in the prep—the better you do your preparation, the better the picture.

Betty Fobair McDermott, an internationally recognized leadership trainer in the fields of management, human relations and communications, facilitates innovative, positive changes within corporations and individuals. She works with American, European and Asian firms to develop creative teams to research and market consumer products. She co-authored California Cooks!, published by Ward-Ritchie Press and a Doubleday Book of the Month selection. You can reach her at 10303 Whipple Street, North Hollywood, CA 91602.

Linda McNamar is a writer and workshop facilitator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Eastern Michigan University.

Carol Miller, president of Posh Parties and its corporate meal division, the Commissary, is renowned for creative event and party planning in Southern California. The Posh Parties’ staff pride themselves on providing extraordinary culinary experiences, having served more than five million meals since 1979. Carol’s world travels have given her a broad background, enabling her to adapt unusual cuisine’s into contemporary menus. She can be reached at Posh Parties, 3500 W. Moore Street, Suite B, Santa Ana, CA 92704 or call 714-556-6480.

Chick Moorman is the owner and director of the Institute for Personal Power, a consulting firm dedicated to providing high-quality professional development activities for educators and parents. Having conducted 100 workshops on cooperative learning, enhancing self-esteem and developing positive attitudes, his mission is to help people experience a greater sense of personal power in their lives, so they can in turn empower others. To contact him about seminars or to order his new book, Where the Heart Is: Stories of Home and Family, write PO Box 5985, Saginaw, MI 48603 or call 517-791-3533.

Ernie Nagamatsu is from Garden Grove, California, and grew up in a truck farming community. Ernie attended the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, and also has an art background from UCLA and Otis Art Institute. As an avocation, he has done some freelance art work and taught various cooking classes in California and Hawaii. Ernie has also served for eight years on the governor-appointed California State Board of Dental Examiners and has a private dental practice in Los Angeles. Ernie’s favorite food pastime is making bread and traveling the world to learn the ethnography of food. He recently learned about the food of Bhutan. Ernie can be reached at 1245 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 903, Los Angeles, CA 90017 or call 213-481-1420.

Udana Power has been eating for years. In love with the way foods crunch and slurp and twirl around in her mouth, she has explored everything from gourmet to health to fast food and family holiday dining. Her explorations have led her to concoct various eclectic versions of well-known phenomena in the eating and eating-related fields. Faced with a screenwriting career that demands long, sustained and focused concentration as well as a singing career that requires charismatic energy and no phlegm, plus an acting career that requires surgery . . . ahem . . . excuse me: big tits, little butt and definition in the thighs—Udana has given up acting and is excelling stupendously in writing and singing. Watch for her upcoming feature films now in various stages of development or pre-production: Don Juan, The Fawn, Pocket Woman, Les Fantastiques du New Orleans and The Sneaker Genie—all brought to you by the CEO of the Waffle Club.

Bobbie Probstein is a writer and photographer whose primary interest is the interplay of body, mind and spirit to bring forth positive changes in any human condition. Her autobiography, Return to Center, is in its third printing. Her second book, Healing Now, has been widely praised and is invaluable for anyone affected by illness or preparing for surgery. Excerpts from Bobbie’s work have been included in numerous collections. She may be reached at PO Box 3654, Dana Point, CA 92629.

Anne Cooper Ready writes screenplays and executive speeches. She also coaches clients for personal appearances and media interviews at her company, Ready for Media, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Anne leaves enough time for crab feasts at Santa Monica’s Maryland Crab House on 24th and Pico.

Naomi Rhode, RDH, CSP, CPAE, is immediate past president of the National Speakers Association and is known for her inspirational, dynamic speaking to both healthcare and general audiences. She is co-owner and vice president of SmartPractice, a marketing and manufacturing company that provides products and services to the healthcare industry worldwide. Naomi is the author of two inspirational gift books, The Gift of Family—A Legacy of Love and More Beautiful Than Diamonds—The Gift of Friendship. She can be reached at 3400 East McDowell, Phoenix, AZ 85008 or call 602-225-9090.

Nancy Richard-Guilford is a professional speaker specializing in interactive workshops on self-esteem, optimum performance and creating a joyful life. Known for her humor and practical strategies, she is the author of Yikes! Time for Plan B. You can contact Nancy at PO Box 24220, Ventura, CA 93002-4220 or call 805-648-6590.

Patti Rypinski moved in 1947, from Louisiana to Newport Beach, California, where she saw her first mountain! She immediately fell in love with what was then a sleepy little beach town. After marrying her high school sweetheart in 1961, Pat and her husband started several companies together including Armor All, a car-care chemical corporation of which Alan is chairman emeritus and where Pat is credited for naming the product which is now a household name. They are surrounded by three dogs, two cats and singing birds. She loves to garden, paint and entertain. She jumped at the chance to write about her beloved family.

Glenna Salsbury, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, obtained her master’s degree from UCLA and, 16 years later, earned a Master’s of Theology from Fuller Seminary. In 1980 Glenna founded her own company, which provides keynote presentations and personal growth seminars. In her personal life, Glenna is married to Jim Salsbury, a former Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer, and has three daughters. Call or write to obtain her powerful six-pack tape album entitled, Passion, Power and Purpose. She can be reached at 9228 North 64th Place, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 or call 602-483-7732.

Gino Sky is the author of two novels: Appaloosa Rising, The Legend of the Cowboy Buddha and Coyote Silk; a collection of stories, Near the Postcard Beautiful; and five books of poetry—the most recent being Spirit Bone, published by Limberlost Press. His two novels will soon be published in Korea. He is currently living in Boise, Idaho, working on two novels and a new collection of stories. He is also the host of a radio show, Poetry-in-Commotion, for Boise State University’s public radio station, KBSU.

Claudia Stromberg is a former interior designer, and gourmet store and cooking school owner. She and her husband Russ are pursuing a long-term dream by opening Rewards, a gallery featuring contemporary jewelry and sculpture from the finest artists of the American Southwest. Long-time collectors, they decided to put behind them the fast-paced, high-stress life they led in the Los Angeles area and chose the more relaxed lifestyle of Austin, Texas. They find working with artists from many cultures endlessly fascinating and being surrounded by beautiful works of art a real joy—their personal recipe for “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Barbara Swain is a cookbook author, cooking teacher and speaker. Her specialty is “cooking for singles and couples,” which is the subject of her latest book, Intimate Dining—Memorable Meals for Two (Fisher Books). Also, as a food stylist, Barbara prepares food for still and motion picture photography. She can be reached at 512 Continental Court, Pasadena, CA 91103 or call 818-796-6582.

Hazel Court Taylor was born in Birmingham, England. She starred in many British films and London Productions. The post-war Curse of Frankenstein, with Peter Cushing brought her international fame, and was followed by the classic CBS TV series Dick and the Duchess and the Alfred Hitchcock Presents Show. It was Edgar Allen Poe’s horror films with Vincent Price that brought lasting recognition for her as the “Scream Queen.” Today her time is spent sculpting in the sun in California, where she resides with her husband, actor/director Don Taylor.

Francis Xavier Trujillo, Ed.D., is a highly acclaimed speaker, educator, and writer. Known internationally as a deeply caring individual, Frank writes passionately about children and the important sacrifices and investments each of us can make in helping build a better future. President of ProTeach Publications, Frank’s provocative posters grace the walls of thousands of schools and businesses in the United States. You can direct inquiries about poster catalogs or Frank’s speaking to: ProTeach Publications, PO Box 19262, Sacramento, CA 95819 or call 916-391-1836 or fax 916-391-2321.

Rama J. Vernon, president of the Center for International Dialogue, has organized more than 200 conferences, forums and exchanges between the United States and Russia. Founder of six successful non-profit organizations, including the magazine Yoga Journal, she is creator of the 1st Israeli-Arab-International Conference “Yoga for Peace: In the Middle East,” Jerusalem 1995; “Uniting the Americas Conference,” Costa Rica, 1992; and many other leadership conferences. A mother of five, Rama’s background in Asian philosophy and East-West psychology inspires her unique approach to her position as co-director of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution studies.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D., is a counselor, health educator, writer, seminar leader and author. She is a consultant and spokesperson for Enchanté, Ltd., a family multi-media company that teaches the value of emotional literacy—the ability to acknowledge, accept and appropriately express emotions. Sirah is mother to Damien (22), Michael (19) and Shazara (12), and partner to Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. (Yale-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author). Dr. Vettese can be contacted at Enchanté, PO Box 620471, Woodside, CA 94062 or call 1-800-473-2363.

Dottie Walters is the president of the Walters International Speakers bureau in California. She is the author of The Greatest Speakers I Have Ever Heard, featuring Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, and Speak and Grow Rich, with her daughter, Lilly. She is founder of The International Group of Agents and Bureaus and is the editor/publisher of Sharing Ideas news magazine—the largest in the world for paid professional speakers. She can be reached at PO Box 1120, Glendora, CA 91740 or call 818-335-8069 or fax 818-335-6127.

Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D., is the author of Recovery of the Sacred, and is a medical doctor and transpersonal psychotherapist based in Sedona, Arizona. Chilean born, he is founder and President of the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace for which he was awarded the U.N. Peace Messenger, and is a member of the American and International Association of Group Psychotherapy. Dr. Warter’s dedication to holistic healing and personal growth has earned him many accolades, including the Pax Mundi Award. He has developed a new approach for awakening human potential based on ethics, creativity and global awareness. He is the author of several books in Spanish and English including The Ebb and Flow of Living, Despertar and Soul Remembers.

Ralph Waterhouse, a native of England, continues to traverse both continents as an accomplished painter. Self-taught, his efforts have been recognized by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the World Wildlife Fund. Published both in Britain as well as in the United States, Ralph has focused his work on environmental and endangered landscapes of California. His clients include former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Ralph has had a gallery for more than ten years and represents some of the top national artists. The gallery shows work from highly rendered realism to impressionism. He may be reached at Waterhouse Gallery, 1114 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or call 805-962-8885.

Patricia Wayne currently is president of the PTA for the Saddleback School District and is involved with working on reform in public education. She holds an M.F.A. in Performing Arts Administration and encourages schools to enhance children’s self-esteem through the arts. She owns her own network distribution business and helps others achieve their personal and financial goals by creating more time and money in their lives. Pat can be reached at Pathways, Inc., 24831 Via Princesa, Lake Forest, CA 92630 or call 714-455-3357.

Theodore S. Wentworth (Ted) is, so far, a husband, father, rancher, pilot, yachtsman, bird watcher, writer and attorney. He has more than 30 years experience as a trial lawyer specializing in human rights, medical law and consumer litigation. He is featured in Who’s Who in America. He may be reached at 4631 Teller Ave., Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Bettie B. Youngs, Ph.D., Ed.D., is one of the nation’s most respected voices on the role of self-esteem and its effects on health and wellness, vitality, achievement and productivity in both the homeplace and workplace. She is the author of 14 books published in 27 languages, including How to Develop Self-Esteem in Your Child: 6 Vital Ingredients, Safeguarding Your Teenager from the Dragons of Life, Stress and Your Child: Helping Kids Cope with the Strains and Pressures of Life and Values from the Heartland. She can be reached at Bettie B. Youngs & Associates, 3060 Racetrack View Drive, Del Mar, CA 92014.

Susan Zolla and Kathy Jensen own and operate the Channel Road Inn in Santa Monica, California. The two have the pleasure of providing excellent lodging and breakfast to guests that range from celebrities to honeymooners, individuals seeking solitude to family reunions. Before operating the inn, both women served many meals to their own families and friends. They have re-created the best of their home lives to create a home at the Channel Road Inn for all who pass through its doors. They can be reached at the Channel Road Inn, 219 W. Channel Road, Santa Monica, CA 90402 or call 310-459-1920.

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