From Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition


Foreword, Heidi Krupp


How It All Began, Jack Canfield

Chapter 1

~On Love~

My Soul Mate, Mark Victor Hansen

The Spirit of Love, Deepak Chopra

Love: The One Creative Force, Eric Butterworth

All I Remember, Bobbie Probstein

Heart Song, Patty Hansen

True Love, Barry and Joyce Vissell

The Hugging Judge, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

It Can’t Happen Here? Jack Canfield

Who You Are Makes a Difference, Helice Bridges

One at a Time, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

The Gift, Bennett Cerf

A Brother Like That, Dan Clark

On Courage, Dan Millman

Big Ed, Joe Batten

Love and the Cabbie, Art Buchwald

A Simple Gesture, John W. Schlatter

The Smile, Hanoch McCarty

Amy Graham, Mark Victor Hansen

A Story for Valentine’s Day, Jo Ann Larsen

Carpe Diem! Alan Cohen

I Know You, You’re Just Like Me! Stan Dale

The Gentlest Need, Fred T. Wilhelms

Bopsy, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Puppies for Sale, Dan Clark

Chapter 2

~Learning to Love Yourself~

My Inner Physician, Kris Carr

There Is Nothing Wrong with You, Robert Holden

The Wise Monk, Mastin Kipp

My Sister, My Friend, Lori Deschene

The Golden Buddha, Jack Canfield

Start with Yourself, Anonymous

Nothing But the Truth! Dallas Morning News

Covering All the Bases, Source Unknown

My Declaration of Self-Esteem, Virginia Satir

The Bag Lady, Bobbie Probstein

Response/Ability, Bernard Gunther

The Rules for Being Human, Chérie Carter-Scott

Chapter 3

~On Parenting~

Training Camp, Darren Hardy

See the Miracle, Eric Handler

Children Learn What They Live, Dorothy L. Nolte

Why I Chose My Father to Be My Dad, Bettie B. Youngs

The Animal School, George H. Reavis

Touched, Victor Nelson

I Love You, Son, Victor B. Miller

What You Are Is as Important as What You Do, Patricia Fripp

The Perfect American Family, Michael Murphy

Just Say It! Gene Bedley

A Legacy of Love, Bobbie Gee

Chapter 4

~On Learning~

Controlled Arrogance, Mehmet Oz

I Am Happiness, Robert Holden

A Light in the Darkness, Nick Ortner

A Visit with Grandfather, don Miguel Ruiz

Bilding Me a Fewchr, Frank Trujillo

I Like Myself Now, Everett Shostrum

All the Good Things, Helen P. Mrosla

You Are a Marvel, Pablo Casals

We Learn by Doing, John Holt

The Hand, Source Unknown

The Little Boy, Helen E. Buckley

I Am a Teacher, John W. Schlatter

Chapter 5

~Live Your Dream~

My Own Destiny, Tory Johnson

I Think I Can! Michele Borba

Rest in Peace: The “I Can’t” Funeral, Chick Moorman

The 333 Story, Bob Proctor

There Are No Vans, Anthony Robbins

Ask, Ask, Ask, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Did the Earth Move for You? Hanoch McCarty

Tommy’s Bumper Sticker, Mark Victor Hansen

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get — But If You Do, You Do, Rick Gelinas

Rick Little’s Quest, Adapted from Peggy Mann

The Magic of Believing, Edward J. McGrath, Jr.

Glenna’s Goal Book, Glenna Salsbury

Another Check Mark on the List, John Goddard

Look Out, Baby, I’m Your Love Man! Jack Canfield

Willing to Pay the Price, John McCormack

Everybody Has a Dream, Virginia Satir

Follow Your Dream, Jack Canfield

The Box, Florence Littauer

Encouragement, Nido Qubein

Walt Jones, Bob Moawad

Are You Strong Enough to Handle Critics? Theodore Roosevelt

Risking, Patty Hansen

Try Something Different, Price Pritchett

Service with a Smile, Karl Albrecht and Ron Zenke

Chapter 6

~Overcoming Obstacles~

The Blank Page, MK Asante

Obstacles, Viktor E. Frankl

Consider This, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

John Corcoran — The Man Who Couldn’t Read, Gary Smith

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail, United Technologies Corporation

Abraham Lincoln Didn’t Quit, Source Unknown

Lesson from a Son, Danielle Kennedy

Failure? No! Just Temporary Setbacks, Dottie Walters

For Me to Be More Creative, I Am Waiting for..., David B. Campbell

Everybody Can Do Something, Jack Canfield

Yes, You Can, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Run, Patti, Run, Mark Victor Hansen

The Power of Determination, Burt Dubin

Faith, Roy Campanella

She Saved 219 Lives, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Are You Going to Help Me? Mark Victor Hansen

Just One More Time, Hanoch McCarty

There Is Greatness All Around You — Use It, Bob Richards

Chapter 7

~Eclectic Wisdom~

In a Heartbeat, Anthony Robbins

To Connect, Must We Disconnect? Michael Bernard Beckwith

How to Give Up Bad Habits, Gabrielle Bernstein

The Two Saddest Words, Amy Newmark

You’ve Got Yourself a Deal! Florence Littauer

Take a Moment to Really See, Jeffrey Michael Thomas

If I Had My Life to Live Over, Nadine Stair

Sachi, Dan Millman

The Dolphin’s Gift, Elizabeth Gawain

The Touch of the Master’s Hand, Myra B. Welch

Afterword, Amy Newmark

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