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Who Is Ken McKowen?

Ken McKowen has been married to Chicken Soup coauthor Dahlynn McKowen for five years and helps manage their business, Publishing Syndicate. He retired a few years ago after working for the California State Parks system for thirty years.

Ken is a freelance writer and sold his first article to the travel section of a major newspaper in 1977—the same year his son Jason was born. Since then, his writing career has included several years as the head writer for the California State Parks’ marketing and public relations office, penning feature articles for magazines and newspapers, writing brochure text, speeches, and advertising copy, as well as writing state park general plans and technical reports. During this same time, he was a freelancer selling outdoor and travel-related articles and photographs to magazines and newspapers. Ken has had several books published, including the highly acclaimed The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the California Coast and most recently coauthored with Dahlynn the Best of California’s Missions, Mansions and Museums (Wilderness Press).

Ken’s very successful efforts over the years in writing grant proposals and reviewing grant applications while working for state government led him to teaching the art of grant writing in numerous classes and seminars. He occasionally returns to his grant writer status to help local nonprofit groups who need grant funding.

Always seeking new areas of writing to explore, Ken is now writing songs and working on two novels and a screenplay. That’s in addition to helping Dahlynn rear two children, fifteen-year-old Lahre and ten-year-old Shawn, while occasionally babysitting his eighteen-month-old grandson, Jake. In his few spare moments, Ken plays guitar, fishes, bicycles at least 100 miles each month, and builds custom furniture and kayaks.

Ken McKowen
Publishing Syndicate
P.O. Box 607
Orangevale, CA 95662

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