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Who Is Dorothy Firman?

Dr. Dorothy Firman is a professor at Union Institute and University of Vermont College Counseling and Psychology Graduate program. She is also a psychotherapist, life coach, author, consultant, speaker, and trainer. She has worked in the field of mother and daughter relationships for more than twenty-five years, offering workshops, seminars, and key-note presentations with her mother, Julie. Their book, Daughters and Mothers, Making It Work, now in its fifth printing, is designed as an active workbook for women wanting to become whole in relationships and in themselves.

Dorothy is a founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology that she first encountered in her early years as a student and colleague of Jack Canfield. For twenty-five years, Dorothy has been a trainer of helping professionals in the field of psychosynthesis, offering people the opportunity to deepen their experience of aliveness, presence, and the ability to serve. Her training is run through The Synthesis Center, a nonprofit educational organization cofounded by Jack Canfield in 1976.

Dorothy has three adult children, each a unique and amazing soul, and two incredible granddaughters. She has been married to her best friend for thirty years. As the children left home, Dorothy took the opportunity to become a potter and a martial artist. In both of these worlds, she relishes her beginner’s status, being the student and not the teacher.

For more information, contact Dr. Firman at:

285 Pomeroy Lane

Amherst, MA 01002

Phone: 413-256-3020

Websites: [email protected]

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