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When we mourn the loss of someone we love, it feels like no one in the world can understand what we are going through—the pain, the agony, the overwhelming loss. Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul is our gift to those who are brokenhearted. Some of the greatest rewards for us in producing Chicken Soup books are the letters we receive from our readers telling us how our stories have impacted their lives. Literally thousands of people have reported finding comfort and healing during their toughest times. It was in response to these hearts and their requests that Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul was created.

A miracle occurs when people bravely write their stories to share with the world. In the process of writing them, they are reconnected with that which they have lost. In the reading of their stories, others are connected to them. And in that connection, everyone feels less alone. Each gains a little more strength for living their life and navigating their way through the challenges and over the hurdles of this journey called grieving.

We offer this collection of true stories as a “support group” of sorts—a place where those suffering a loss can find solace in reading how those in similar, or completely different, situations have handled their grief. These stories are so powerful, so poignant, that you may want to read just one at a sitting and then take time to absorb its message. You will discover that in each story, the thread of hope is woven. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for healing. Hope for once more embracing life and moving on.

Please accept this gift from us and know that we are with you in spirit on this painful yet powerful part of your journey through life.

[EDITORS’ NOTE: Due to our desire to ensure that this collection would include the most comforting stories possible, we have chosen to include a few stories that have appeared in previous volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul.]

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