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One afternoon, when I was five, my mom and I went shopping at a very large grocery store. While we were in the dairy department, something caught my attention and I became distracted. When I turned, expecting to find my mother, no one was there. My mother had moved on, thinking I was behind her. I panicked! I spun around several times, desperately searching for my mother but to my dismay, no luck. I started running up and down every aisle, with my eyes darting in every direction. I passed the cereal, green beans, spaghetti sauce and pork chops.

Then I spotted someone, wearing a similar outfit to my mom’s, with her back to me. I had found her! I sprinted as fast as I could toward the woman. I was running so fast that I could not stop myself and planted my face right into her rear end. As I fell to the floor, the lady spun around screaming. After a quick look at the woman’s face, I realized it was NOT my mom! I picked myself up as fast as I could, turned around and ran the other direction.

Not watching where I was going, I stumbled right into a cardboard shelf containing several bags of potato chips. I was so scared, I was crying profusely as the chip bags tumbled down around me.

Fortunately, my mother was standing at the end of the aisle and had seen the whole thing. Laughing hysterically, she came running to pull me out of my grave of chip bags. She hadn’t been as far away from me as I had thought.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. From then on, if I ever thought I was lost in a grocery store I asked the person behind the counter to help me find my mom.

Casey Veronie, thirteen

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