From Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul


When our children left the nest, we breathed a sigh of relief for a child-rearing job well done. Thankfully that reprieve was short-lived, for just when we thought we could never love another as deeply as our own, our child places their child into our arms . . . and the lay-down-my-life-for-you love starts all over again. Nothing in this world can prepare us for this moment, and nothing can compare as this child of our child steals our breath and our hearts. Then we watch as the baby’s great-grandmother—our mother— embraces this miracle, bearing witness to this ageless mystery of maternal love. Happily we resume the work of caring for a child—but this time with less stress and even more fun! The dance of life goes on—the family circle grows.

Chicken Soup for the Soul applauds how grandmas bless all our lives, and we are honored to bless theirs. These true stories bring hope and happiness to those who caress us, not only with their hands but with their hearts. Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul celebrates the love and joy only a grandma can know. Whether she’s rocking or rock-and-rolling, knitting or surfing, hugging or hiking, every grandma will find herself in these loving, laughing, even life-saving stories.

On behalf of all the lives they’ve touched and changed forever, we say thank you!

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