From Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul




She’s My Hero Anthony Burton

Night School Kathy Cawthon

Sooner or Later Lori Misicka

Family Lowell Gere

You’ll Never Feel So Loved Sharon Bomgaars

Food Is Love Barbara Curtis

All You Need Is Love Tina Wagner Mattern

Reading Charlotte’s Web Jennie Nash

Locks of Love Leah Cano


He Doesn’t Take “No” for an Answer Ellen B. Leavitt

Giving and Receiving Jennie Nash

Little Man Christopher Kathy Vancura

Debbie’s Story Lolly Susi

Science Mom Mary Olsen Kelly

Enjoy Life! Regina Dodson

Filler Bonnie Seibert

Heart Massage Pandora Kurth

My Heroes Maria McNaught

“Tweety Conquers That Mean Old Bweast Cancer” Susan Darke

Blessed by Friends Judy Hague

The Glow Girls Karen Theis

Bring on the Lasagna! Lorna Maxwell

Family Scenes Ruth Kotler

Joining the Race Ryan Matthew Landis


The First Time’s Always the Worst Leigh Anne Jasheway

The Hardest Mile Jacqueline M. Hickey

One Is Enough Mary Ellen “Barney” LaFavers

Blessings Beyond Belief Denise Blunk

The Gift of Photography and a Beautiful Breast Pamela Shandel

For Richer or Poorer Beverly Vote

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky Arlette Braman

I Am Not Alone Mary Olsen Kelly


Laundry Soap Lolly Susi

The Esther Bunny Lives Here Ron Lando-Brown

Crooked Wigs and Guinea Pigs Kathy Cawthon

Sixty Miles Sherrie Page Najarian

Angels Pamela Pierce

From Stressed to Blessed Carol Ross Edmonston

Becoming a Transformed Woman Lillie Shockney

The Graduation Heather Haldeman

Chockwut Pudding Mary Olsen Kelly

Spirit Undaunted! Sue Caruso

Women Who Bare Their Breasts Jennie Nash

Things Are Looking Up! Teri Reath D’Ignazio

Divine Inspiration Mary Anne Breen


The Seasons of Our Lives Diana von Welenetz Wentworth

You’ve Got to Play If You Want to Win Lori Misicka

A “Gift of Healing” Journey Betsy Ludwig

Isabelle and Her Dollies’ Hair Paula Young

The Bus Ride John de Strakosch

He Does Not Live in Vain Suzanne Metzger

Stop Changing! Rhonda Richards-Cohen

“Shoot the Messengers” Don Kelly

Angel Hugh Lolly Susi


Knowing What Your Rope Is Myra Shostak

A Message from My Marine Kathy Cawthon

My Red Badges of Courage Donna St. Jean Conti

Courage Comes in All Colors Jennie Nash

Courage to Climb Michele V. Price

Abreast in a Dragon Boat Susan R. Harris

Racing for the Cure Ellen Ann Callahan

For Josie Doug Manuel

No More Fear Mary Olsen Kelly


Fifty-One-Year Survivor! Kathryn O. Sharr

All the GiftsPam Arciero

Dancing at Evan’s Wedding Nancy Jaynes as told to Ida Chipman

Joy Is the Simplest Form of Gratitude Karen Thei

A Time to Listen Donna Andres

The Olsen Girls Mary Olsen Kelly

Laughter Is Bubbly! Judy Averitt Hayes

Diagnosis: Canceritis Lori Misicka


The Twelve Gifts of Chemo Sally Fouché

My Life Kathy Chamberlin

Payback Time Lee Scheinman

You’re Gonna Eat That? Jami Bernard

Another Kind of Miracle Jennifer Basye Sander

The Snapshot Elaine Zalar

My Guardian Angel Nanci L. Stroupe

Hearts and Flowers Joan Persky

Light Joni Rodgers

I Can’t Believe You T. Suzanne Eller

The Big “C” Kathy Cawthon

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Mary Olsen Kelly?



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