From Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul


Going through the experience of breast cancer is no picnic, but with loving support, helpful advice and the healing power of laughter, it can be achieved. It is our fondest hope that you will be encouraged, buoyed, uplifted and instructed by the stories contained in this book. Other breast-cancer survivors wrote them for you— to bring you hope, to give you strength and courage.

Research has shown that those who attend support groups tend to have higher survival rates. Those who reach out to family and friends for love and support make it through the medical journey of breast cancer more successfully. We have so much to learn from each other as we face the challenges of healing ourselves; often someone who has gone through the journey before us shares the thing we need to learn.

We all have a story to tell. Our stories are healing and have power. We encourage you to tell your story, too. Who knows? Your story might encourage someone to go for a mammogram, even save someone’s life.

Melissa Etheridge talks about how she prepared for the journey of breast cancer by gathering her “flashlights”— her friends and family members who would help her shine light into the fearful darkness.

This collection of stories can be one of those flashlights for you—shining light and making your way easier, helping you to feel stronger, more filled with love and encouraged by the knowledge that you’re not alone in your journey.

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