From Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul Second Dose


Nearly 1 million nurses have been touched by the stories in the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul. As a professional speaker, I am blessed to talk to tens of thousands of them. Over and over again they tell me how the stories bolstered them . . . how they read just the right story on just the right day, just when they needed it. Some nurses keep the book in their locker at work, others read it together at the beginning of shift report, still others keep it as a ready “reference” at the nurse’s desk.

It is my hope that you will keep it handy at your bedside, or in your bathroom or break room (some days they’re the same thing!) and enjoy a dose of inspiration x1 daily and p.r.n. These stories of hope and healing will remind you why you entered this honorable profession . . . and why you stay. Let them fill you with hope and pride and strength to continue your courageous, compassionate caring.

For every hand you’ve held, for every life you’ve touched, we thank you.

With love and admiration,
LeAnn Thieman

Reprinted by permission of Mark Parisi and Off the Mark. ©2001 Mark Parisi.

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