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Mom. Mother. Mama. Mommy. No matter what name we use, a mom is one of the most significant people in our lives. A mom loves unconditionally. When we are small, she feeds us, clothes us, protects us from harm and guides our lives in every way. As we grow up, she’s our cheerleader and our conscience. Even when we are grown, she never stops wanting the very best for us. The mother-child relationship goes beyond time and space.

The experience of motherhood has many facets: the glow of pregnancy; the fatigue of labor; the ecstasy of giving birth, seeing your baby’s face for the very first time; the challenge of living with a toddler; the challenge of living with a teenager and the bittersweet pangs of seeing your babies leave the nest. Yet motherhood doesn’t end there—grown children still need their moms and as our own mothers age, we find ourselves mothering the invincible woman who gave us life.

This book is filled with stories about all aspects of motherhood, some humorous, some poignant, some inspiring— because motherhood is funny, poignant and inspiring. Whether you are an expectant mother, a new mother, a mother with children at home, a mother of children long grown or even a grandmother—these stories are for you. They will inspire you, entertain you and remind you of your most important role of all: being a mom.

Some things about being a mom never change, but in today’s world, a mom has new and unique challenges. In this book, you will find stories about love, courage and wisdom, as well as stories about the lighter side of mothering— or of being mothered. In the same way that mothers over the ages have sat together and shared their experiences, you will enjoy the stories from mothers and about mothers showcased in this book.

Our goal in writing this book is to honor moms everywhere. We offer these stories in the hope that they will help moms to celebrate their lives. May this book be a gift of inspiration and love.

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