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Good character and integrity are contributing factors to a successful and fulfilling life—something we all want for our kids. Yet children today live in a world where they are often confused by what they hear in the news and by how they see people treat each other.

While most of us strive to develop positive character traits in our kids, we find there are few true role models left for our children to look up to. And we recognize that good character is not always inherently given to us, but is taught by example and through individual choices we make each day.

John Luther regarded it this way: “Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece—by thought, choice, courage, and determination.”

Since Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul was released in 1998, we have found a resounding theme in the constant stream of letters we receive from the kids who read our books. They have assured us that the true stories of universal experiences and life lessons from kids (and adults who haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a kid) give them perspective, shape the way they approach life situations, and give them hope for their futures.

The book you’re holding is part of our ongoing response to those letters, and the continuous need to assist kids in building their own good moral base and strength of character that will serve them throughout their lives. Chosen specifically for children five to eight years old, these stories offer young readers a chance to discover how children just like themselves react and behave when confronted with difficult situations that test their character.

Through each chapter, without moralizing or preaching, stories about how kids have learned to adjust to and even accept tough changes, find forgiveness, take responsibility, or share with those in need will inspire readers and help them understand that life is a journey, made up of the decisions and lessons we learn from each and every day. It is our hope that because of the actions and strength of character exemplified by kids in these stories, the children in your realm of influence will discover a pathway for making good life decisions and, in turn, help make the world a better place.

So we encourage you to take a few minutes each day to sit down and read these stories with children or have them read these stories to you. The time spent reading together will be undoubtedly special and priceless, while each positive lesson they learn from this book will last their lifetimes.

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