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Who Is Stefanie Adrian?

Stefanie Adrian, an Indianapolis native who currently resides in San Diego, is one of the original panel members who read and rated stories for the first Chicken Soup book more than ten years ago.

Now, as coauthor of Girlfriend’s Soul, she is delighted to celebrate the realization of a dream that was nearly seven years in the making. “The friendships that I have acquired in my life mean so much to me that I wanted to capture that meaning in a book,” she explains. In working on this book, Stefanie not only learned perseverance and patience, but also met many new friends along the way.

“I also learned that every single person has a bond with at least one friend, and everyone has a special memory or story in which a friend’s help made all the difference. You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends,” she says.

Stefanie is a freelance writer/editor who enjoys poetry and painting. She is also self-employed as a personal assistant, helping business clients with accounting and major-event planning. In addition, she helps individual clients with planning weddings and other major social events.

In her opinion, her most important job is being mom to her two sons: Keenan, eight, and Noah, seven. With that job comes all the fun of carpooling, the kids’ sports and school activities. “I love that I am able to take them to and pick them up from school every day,” she says. “That means a lot to me.”

Stefanie is most thankful for her kids, her health, and the strength and courage with which God has blessed her. Such strength has allowed her to turn trials into opportunities. An example of her ability to do so is this book, born out of adversities faced during childhood. “Without friends, I wouldn’t have survived,” she says. “With them, all things are possible!”

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