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Who Is Robin Stephens Rohr?

Robin Stephens Rohr is an author, photographer and motivational speaker. With a Master’s degree in psychology, she has become an investigator into the human psyche. Fascinated by Hawai‘i’s stories, she coauthored and published the bestseller Powerstones—Letters to a Goddess. Set against the backdrop of Hawaiian mythology, this provocative book queried some of the finest minds of our times about the power of belief has in creating our lives. It became a bestseller, attracted a national audience and was featured on Fox network’s Encounters. Co-publisher of the highly acclaimed Story of the Stone by Linda Ching, Robin continues to collaborate on publications that explore the new frontiers of human potential.

As a commercial photographer, with projects ranging from fashion layouts to album covers, Robin was continually astonished at the exquisite beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the kindness of her people.

Robin is on the advisory board of The Forgiveness Works Project (www.ForgivenessWorks.org) and The Center for Attitudinal Healing— Hawai‘i Chapter (www.attitudinalhealing.org). The Forgiveness Works Project was created by Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D., and Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. The project serves as a catalyst for healing through sharing stories of forgiveness, and the creation of forgiveness gardens throughout the world.

Robin is also on the advisory committee for the Naupaka Award, sponsored by the Waikoloa Foundation. Its mission statement is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and to support educational and leadership programs among Native Hawaiian people.

She has been awarded the First Lady’s Volunteer Project Award of Excellence for the creation of “The Laughter Project.” It has been found beneficial for enhancing the immune system and it has been used in two Hawai‘i hospitals.

Active in real estate, Robin is principal broker of Rohr Pacific Properties in Honolulu.

Robin says, “The four-year journey of story gathering for Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawai‘i was a remarkable experience. With my husband Thos Rohr’s unrelenting love and support, I had the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary adventure.” You can contact Robin at [email protected]

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