From Chicken Soup for the Working Mom's Soul


“Working mom” is redundant. All moms are working moms! And that is exactly what this book is about, to honor all moms, from those who stay at home to those who work outside the home, and even those who fit in between.

In creating this title, we had a difficult time deciding which stories to publish because each and every one was so varied in its definition of a “working mom.” While many of the stories made us smile, many more touched our souls and opened our hearts to just how hard it is to raise a family while working. This is evident in the chapter entitled “Taking Time for Me”: we received very few story submissions for this chapter, which proved to us that working moms rarely get time for themselves!

We invite you to enjoy the stories found within and apply your personal definition of your life as a working mom. And luckily, you can savor the book one story at a time, as we know moms are the busiest women in the world!

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