From Chicken Soup for the Woman Golfer's Soul



1. It’s Our Time

No Guys on This Trip Please Katharine Dyson

Drive Dynamics Marilynn Smith

My First “Lady’s Day” Golf Outing Betty King

Out of the Rough Kathryn Beisner

The 150-Yard Memorial Nancy Lewis

Pitching the Game Marilynn Smith

The Name of the Game Susie Maxwell Berning

The Swing’s the Thing Mary Murphy Fox

What’s Your Handicap? Joanie Gilmore

Going Bunkers Kristen Samp and Jamie Hullett

Golf Lessons Betty King

“Tee Time” Celeste T. Palermo

2. More Than a Game

Play It Joan Paquette

Follow Through Sallie A. Rodman

The Nineteenth Hole Helen Xenakis

My Dream Job Tana Figueras Thomas

Be-Attitude Terry-Jo Myers

Tunnel Vision Natalie Gulbis

In the Zone Carolyn Ford

Hot Shot Perry Swenson

Making the Move Patty Sheehan

Charting a New Course Jane Blalock

On the Money Kristal Parker-Manzo

FORE!warned Is Forearmed Diana Fairbanks DeMeo

3. A Game for All Generations

A Drive in the Country Ann O’Farrell

Mother’s Family Day Golf Outing Patricia Hentz Regensburg

Growing, Giggles, and Golf Rachel S. Neal

The Challenge of Design Helen C. Colella

Daddy Caddy Angie Rizzo

Funny Little Sport Called Golf Ashanti L. White

The Sixtieth Masters—A Gift to Gregory Helen Casey

A Family Affair Lisa D. Conley

The Cult Heather Cook

I Am Living Proof That This Game Makes No Sense Stacy Smith

The Ace of Clubs Kristal Parker-Manzo

4. Golf Is a Beautiful Walk

No Handicap Karen Weiss

Golf Legend’s Drive Scores a Legacy Ann Sheridan

Run the Race with Patience Marilyn Jaskulke

Unbridled Diana D’Alessio

On the Spot Jane Blalock

Mind Matters Isabelle Beisiegel

A Range of Hope Heather Black

The Inspirational Nancy Lopez Donna Adams

5. Unforgettable Moments

Ms. Collette Anne Marie Goslak

A Mental Game Kristen Samp

G-O-L-F Is a Four-Letter Word Barbara Davey

The Rules Nazi Katharine Dyson

Save That Cart! Christine Smith

Stamp of Approval Kathy Whitworth

Pastures to Greens Susie Maxwell Berning

Lateral Water Hazard Suzanne Baginskie

Come On In, the Water’s Fine Marcia Swearingen

6. Joy and Sorrow

Augusta Amen Perry Swenson

Hookers Katharine Dyson

Sand Trap Isn’t the Biggest Hazard McGann Faces Woody Woodburn

Shooting Par on the Eighteenth Cary Osborne

More Than Coincidence Rosie Farley as told to B. J. Taylor

Surviving the Challenge Ann Wolta

If There Is Golf in Heaven, I Know My Sister Sue Is Playing Pamela M. Woods

7. Tomorrow’s Tee Time

Little White Golf Ball Tom Krause

The Luck of the Irish Jennifer Martin

Mastering the Game Terri K. Duncan

A Humbling Lesson Roberta Isleib

“Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden” Maria Harden

More Than a Game Frank Ramirez

Riders Bill Giering

Teaching Golf Is Life Touching! Debbie Vangellow

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Matthew E. Adams?

Who Is Patty Aubery?



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