From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul IV


Dear Teens,

Our lives are full of stories. Some of our stories are happy, some are sad and most of them fall somewhere in between. What’s important is that we understand that they are for our learning. We usually look at our actions as good or bad, right or wrong, or experiences that place us above or below others. If we can adjust our thinking and look at our stories as tools for our growth, then we can be grateful for all the things that we have to go through. If we can remember to love ourselves and have compassion for our “mistakes,” then we can live with more gratitude and joy.

The people who have written stories for this book have shared them with you in hopes that their experiences can help you. Many of the authors have said that even though their stories are about something painful they went through or something they felt guilty about, if someone else can learn from it, then their story is worth sharing.

All the books that we have compiled have been with these thoughts in mind. We want you to know that we all have to deal with heartbreak, family issues, fights with friends and the most difficult of all, the death of someone we love. It is our hope that with these stories you can find answers to questions, guidance in difficult moments and the understanding that you are not alone in anything you are going through.

We love you guys and hope that you find support and comfort within this book.

All our love,

Kimberly, Jack, Mark and Mitch

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