From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II




Starlight, Star Bright Kelly Garnett

Seven Minutes in Heaven Andrew Keegan as told to Kimberly Kirberger

Practical Application Dan Clark

A Geek, a Nerd, a Bookworm Kimberly Russell

My Angel Has a Halo Amanda Johnson

A Cool Drink of Water Camden Watts

Unrequited Love Rachel Rosenberg

Gray Constance Ananta Sobsey

Starting a New Path Jessie Braun

Discovery Eugene E. Beasley

Hopscotch and Tears Becca Woolf

Inside Melissa Collette

Lost Love Robby Smith as told to T. J. Lacey

Why Guys Like Girls Kimberly Kirberger

Love Is Never Lost David J. Murcott

David’s Smile Cambra J. Cameron


The Rift Erica Thoits

The Right Thing Kelly Garnett

Donna and Claudia Carol Gallivan

A Friend for Life Jennifer Love Hewitt

Speechless Shawna Singh

I Need You Now Becky Tucker

Choices Alicia M. Boxler

Friends Forever Phyllis Lin

I Remember Gilbert April Joy Gazmen

The Tragic Reunion Amy Muscato


Bobby, I’m Smiling E. Keenan

An A for Mrs. B Karina Snow

Kids Who Are Different Digby Wolfe

McDonald’s Shelly Miller

A Valentine for Laura Don Caskey

A Simple Hello Katie E. Houston

Change for a Dollar Bonnie Maloney

My Friend Charley Robin Hyatt

My First Experience at Tasting the Raindrops Christy Clouse

So How Do You Boost an Ego? Kirk Hill

Losing an Enemy Patty Anne Sluys

Give Random Acts of Kindness a Try! Melissa Broeckelman


Losing Hope Heather Klassen

A Call for Help Jill Maxbauer

Tomorrow Came Again Ashley Hiser

It Happened to Me Joanie Twersky

Tell Me Why You Cry Nicole Rose Patridge

Nintendo Master Katie Gill

Already Perfect Elisa Donovan

My Toughest Decision Kristina Dulcey

It’s Tough to Be a Teenager Tony Overman

Not Your Typical Prom Night Stacy Bennett

No Matter What Happens Alison Mary Forbes

Hero of the ’Hood Paula McDonald

Visionary Jason Leib

The Mom I Never Had Becka Allen

Good Night, Dad Luken Grace


Beautiful, She Said Jessica Gardner

Steeped with Meaning Daphna Renan

There Is an Oz Terri Cecil

A Father’s Wish Kent Nerburn

Heartwood W. W. Meade

The Cheerleader Marsha Arons

The Bridge Between Verses Shashi Bhat

The Ones in Front of Me Lia Gay

Role Reversal Adi Amar

Snowdrops Sarah McCann

My Most Memorable Christmas Reverend Robert Schuller

My Real Father Anonymous

Making Dad Proud Josh Nally

The Perfect Family Marc St. Pierre


Making Sarah Cry Cheryl L. Costello-Forshey

The Wedding Ring Marsha Arons

Andrea’s Fresh Start Peg Verone

A Lesson for Life Medard Laz

Remember Me? Ann Landers

A Wider Classroom Kate McMahon

The Bat Bryony Blackwood

The Player Kelly Garnett

The Porcelain Bride Doll Marsha Arons

Myself Peer Counsellor Workbook

Firmer Ground Diana Chapman

Love and Belonging T. J. Lacey

What I Wish I’d Known Sooner Meredith Rowe

My Most Embarrassing Moment Rochelle M. Pennington

Call Me Cindy Hamond


For You, Dad Heather Metzger as told to Bill Holton

Somebody Loves You Wil Horneff

The Power of a Smile Susan Record

Pay Attention Dan Clark

Joe Camel Meladee McCarty

Anything Is Possible Jason Dorsey

A Challenge That I Overcame Arundel Hartman Bell

A Street Kid’s Guide Jennings Michael Burch

Teenagers Today Kimberly Kirberger

An Open Heart Sandy Pathe


Wonder, to Me Jill Thieme

How Much Does It Cost? Margaret Hill

Image Isn’t Everything Jamie Shockley

Hi There, Ugly! Greg Barker

Imprints Donna Miesbach

I Won’t Be Left Behind Sara Nachtman

An Athlete’s Prayer Sandy Dow Mapula

The Blank Page Jenni Norman

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Kimberly Kirberger?



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