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Who Is Dahlynn McKowen?

Dahlynn McKowen is one of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s most trusted and active coauthors. She, along with her husband Ken, coauthored Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul (May 2004), and Dahlynn released Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul in September 2006. The McKowens are currently creating a twelve-book travel series for Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises and Health Communications, Inc., a first for both companies, and are coauthoring many more Chicken Soup titles, including Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating Brothers & Sisters and Chicken Soup for the Female Entrepreneur’s Soul.

The McKowens stay active with their company Publishing Syndicate, a small business that provides writing, ghostwriting, and editing services to publishers. They also offer a free monthly writing tips e-newsletter and have created an e-booklet series entitled “The Wow Principles.” This series, which is sold via their website, focuses on the aspects of writing for publication and profit. The McKowens also author other books each year, the most recent being Best of California’s Missions, Mansions and Museums: Bringing the Golden State’s Past Alive for Today’s Travelers for Wilderness Press.

Dahlynn is an established freelance writer with numerous book contracts and screenplays under production at any given moment. Since selling her first feature article in 1987, she has produced more than 2,000 works including business features, B&B reviews, restaurant reviews, and travel articles. Her reputation is such that she has also ghostwritten stories for a former U.S. president, more than two dozen Fortune 100 and 500 corporate founders and CEOs, as well as a few California governors.

Dahlynn loves spending time with her ten-year-old son Shawn and teenage daughter Lahre, who are both active in the family business (a professional photographer and Chicken Soup cartoonist, respectively). She also loves discovering new travel destinations with hubby Ken. Needless to say, her life is not dull by any stretch of the imagination!

Dahlynn McKowen

Publishing Syndicate

P.O. Box 607

Orangevale, CA 95662


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